Sunday, July 13, 2008

More front porch fantasy

Maybe you can’t go home again. But you can go back to a simpler time.
If you want to.

This weekend we managed, by accident, to time-travel.

It started innocently enough. Two small steaks on the hibachi. A bottle of good red. The radio was the Mystery Woman’s idea. She loves Garrison Keillor and NPR airs “A Prairie Home Companion” as a prelude to sundown.

We enjoyed our dinner on the screened porch as Garrison unfolded his radio variety show. Some close harmony, even some opera, goofy stories, sound effects, more music. Old fashioned radio stuff from a modern storyteller.

What a great Saturday night. A cool breeze whistled through the tree tops. Yesterday's humidity just a memory. Minnesota summers are more forgiving than the blast furnace in Texas.

Half a bottle of wine later, we had both leaned back in the wicker chairs and, eyes closed, were transported to yesteryear when the big fun was to gather around the Philco and soak in some entertainment. Maybe a little culture, too. Just add imagination.

Monday, I’m thinking about hanging up some clotheslines. I miss the smell of sheets drying in the sun.



The South Plainsman said...

Sweet, indeed. I don't use the radio, but I do put some 50s and 60s music on a program on my computer and pipe it back to the patio. There is a gas fireplace out there that is surrounded by a granite counter, and we eat out there from time to time.In the summer, the fireplace is covered, but in the Fall and Winter, we have the option of a low fire. The patio is not screened, so mosquitos occasionally drive my bride indoors. The music is soft and only interrupted by the doves in the neighborhood calling. How could it get any better?

There are advantages to being a Geezer. We are not too young to enjoy that sort of thing.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful column. Just lovely!


Sharon said...

I feel like I have been sitting on your porch in Minneapolis. Were there insect sounds? I think I heard crickets as I read this.....

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