Thursday, July 31, 2008

Real party animals

Seen any Diamond Safety Matches lately? Still around, but not as many. To supplement cash flow, the company made a nice pivot. They now manufacture chopsticks and sell them to China.

This is just too, too. Fly luxury class between New York and Dubai on Emirates and you can take a shower before landing. Bring your Platinum Card—the private suite and shower will set you back. List price is $14,635. Oh yes, showers are limited to five minutes per passenger.

In Malaysia, it’s always happy hour in the forest. Scientists have discovered seven different small mammals regularly belly up to the bar in the tree stump and drink fermented palm nectar. Especially, the pen-tailed tree shrew, a real party animal. They don’t drink enough to get drunk. Too risky with so many predators around. Lesson for blondes so noted.

No myth. Thunderstorms can set off asthma attacks. How is still a mystery but scientists think storms spread pollutants, release asthma-inducing starch particles and rupture pollen grains, making them small enough to enter air passages.

China won’t be the first country to make Olympic women athletes submit to tests to prove they are really female. A lab will check for Y chromosomes, hormones, genes. In the past, “suspect” female athletes had to strip before a panel of doctors. The results? Only once in the history of testing has a gender-cheater been exposed. In 1936, the Nazis forced a man to compete as a woman. He/she came in fourth in the high jump.


Anonymous said...

wow, showers on a plane...a new mile high club for certain. Sadly if American Airlines ever offered this service they would charge extra for the towels.

Anonymous said...

Not only would American Airlines charge for the towels, they would probably be the size of a postage stamp. Just got off a flight from Houston to LA, and the "bag" of pretzels (the featured "snack" on the ticket) was roughly the size of a pack of playing card filled with about 12 mini-pretzels. Re the Diamond Matches -- used to be eateries, hotels and other places kept boxes of free matches by the cash register. Now it's rare to find a restaurant giving away free matches,and a pack of matches might go the way of VHS machines. But those oversized brandy-snifter jars filled with matches we collected back when we were young might just turn into collector's items. Look out e-Bay! - Denise

s.l.d. said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
s.l.d. said...

So... how many real (but mannish) women had to strip for the panel of doctors? I am unsure if the stripping before a panel or the whole being "suspect" thing would be most humilating?

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