Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Shortage of 4s

How bad is it to travel by air? Real bad. Worse and getting worser. Sleeping at airports overnight has almost reached cult level. There’s Web site that rates the best and worst airports. More help – the Mini Motel is a one-person tent complete with air mattress, pillow, reading lamp and alarm clock. Sells for $39.95. Tent cities. In airport terminals. Pitiful.

Another barometer of bad: The nation is running out of 4s. Gas stations don’t have enough 4s on hand to keep up with price increases. Individual digits cost as much as $1.50. What’s next? Sources tell me there’s a run on 8s. I wrote about this a month ago. Someday, the whole world will listen to me. Grumble, snarl, gripe, complain.

For out-of-state readers, everything you want or need to know about mosquitoes is in today’s Minneapolis Star Tribune. Example: the mosquito’s whine is somewhere between the musical pitches of D and F. At the mosquito killing championship held annually in Finland, entrants compete to kill the pests by hand. Record is 21 in five minutes. Not nearly enough.

Minimum wage salary for entry-level major league baseball players is $390,000. Thereabouts.

Hungry little bacteria are swarming Italy’s priceless artifacts and historians are happy. The little buggers are nibbling away centuries of black crud without damaging the artworks. Next stop, Notre Dame?

(And that's a tip of the hat to L.M.Boyd, the greatest trivia columnist.)

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