Monday, July 14, 2008


Hurry to Pennsylvania if you want a ride on a good woodie. The Keystone State has 15 operating wooden coasters, more than any other state. Screamers welcome.

Best movie love story of the year? Wall-E. The animated movie works on every level. Kids instinctively understand, but the story is simple enough for adults to get it, too.

Where did all the Yuppies go? The Mystery Woman thinks they grew into Baby Boomers.

Thinking about working after retirement? Not in a very good job. Executive recruiters are routinely told not to look anyone over 50. It gets worse. In an industry survey, most technology companies said they would not hire anyone over 40. Massive education is necessary before employers understand the wasted resource.

Slow down? Since the 80s, fuel efficiency in U.S. cars has flatlined at 24 m.p.g. while vehicle weight has jumped more than 25% and horsepower has nearly doubled. Currently in Europe, fuel efficiency is pegged at 44 m.p.g. and is targeted to hit 48 m.p.g. by 2012.

Think the U.S. Census is intrusive? Imagine the kind of questions that revealed this 1840 head count in a small Swedish parish: 254 peasants, 39 artisans, 92 squatters, 274 farm servants, 104 ordinary poor, 18 sick and crippled, 11 deaf and dumb, 8 blind, 13 almost lame, 4 lame, 5 near idiots, 3 idiots, 1 half idiot, 3 whores and 2 thieves.


(And that's a tip of the hat to L.M.Boyd, the greatest trivia columnist.)


Anonymous said...

I saw Wall-E and I got the message. One can only hope 1-20-09 will bring about that type of change.

Ken Martin said...

I loved Wall-E, laughed and laughed and laughed. For some reason the wife and daughter (who is thirty) did not, but they got a kick out of watching me laugh so much. I figure our difference in reactions is due to the fact that I grew up in a time when movies nearly always had a cartoon before the main feature. In addition, even today I always read my favorite comics in the newspaper, while they do not read the comics. So maybe cartoons are an acquired taste.

I especially liked the political messages embedded in this movie, and not too subtly, either: we're a nation of slobs led by a president who urges us to "stay the course," the same line in the movie, and we're quickly making the planet uninhabitable.

Kudos to Pixar and Disney, you've done it again.

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