Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Happy Hour ammo

It's OK. You can recycle beer bottles with limes inside. Clink.


George Orwell, blogger? Yup. His copious diaries are now being published daily in blog form by a group of scholars who think his writings are still relevant for young people. They have lots of fodder. Orwell’s collective writings fill 20 volumes. Guess where he got most of his inspiration? Newspapers.

Globally, golf tee sales reach $100 million annually. Amazing, when you consider you could hit off a thimble just as easy. Claim is you can improve your accuracy and distance with any number of new tee designs: three little prongs that hold the ball up, or a smaller concave inny atop a wooden tee, or a tiny composite brush that nests the ball more freely, and biodegradable tees made of corn starch. Wouldn’t a reliable swing do?

It wasn’t the invention of electricity so much that changed the world. It was invention of the electric meter that enabled them to charge us for it.

What is the best-selling car of all time? Mustang? Beetle? Model-T? All wrong. The title goes to the lowly Toyota Corolla with 32 million in sales since its introduction in 1968. Second is not a car; it’s the Ford F-series pickup. Third, the VW -- but not the bug – the Golf. Huh. my favorite is still the ’57 Chevrolet.

When Taryn Davis’ husband was killed in the Iraq war, she decided to honor his memory and help others through their loss by filming a documentary of the somber routines and protocols of a military death. Ms. Davis criss-crossed the country to record the reactions of other survivors in the making of “American Widow Project.” It will be released online next month but a preview can be seen on YouTube.

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Anonymous said...

Regarding the "American Widow Project", there is an excellent book out called "Never Coming Home" by Andrew Lichtenstein. Mr. Lichtenstein is a professional photographer who photographed military funerals from the fall of 2003 to the end of 2006. It is a very powerful piece of work. "Never Coming Home" is sad, very sad.

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