Thursday, August 21, 2008

He's open! He shoots! Crap.

Careful readers will note that I am still alive on this, my THIRD day at the school playground basketball court.

Note to self: ask whether the goal is set to adult heights. Eighth graders can't dunk.

Today, I lured my first gawker. But I was too far away from the street to read the magnetic sign on the side of the car. It had to be either a realtor or a mortician.

Yesterday, my skills ran the gamut from A to B. Today, I was not up to my usual game.


Ken Martin said...

Keep dribbling, George, keep dribbling (and I mean on the court) and get closer to the basket. Layups first, then halfway to the free-throw line, then the free-throw line, then further out as skills improve. Swishers from half court may take a while to master.

The South Plainsman said...

Was going to respond yesterday, but could not get the "word verification" letters to show. Upon investigation, it seems that Google puts a tracking cookie on everyone that posts, and my spyware was preventing it. So I changed the setting, and here I am.

Congrats on the bball. As one of your old teammates, I can attest to the fact that you were short, but slow. You did, however, persevere, and for that, your teammates loved and respected you. So keep it up.

As for your gawker, I could suggest who or what he may have been, but will give in to political correctness and not do so.

Anonymous said...

The height of that basket is NBA height, your skills rival Dr. J., and
that gawker car was sent by Medtronic.

Anonymous said...

I wish you hadn't put that bit about honesty in yesterdays blog. Now I've got to tell my wife that I didn't really get an offer from the Lakers.---Goose

Anonymous said...

The gawker was the same person who stalked you once in a downtown movie theatre in Lubbock!!

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