Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Mac and cheese

If you order mac and cheese at the posh Waverly Inn in NYC, bring your American Express – and your Visa. The price: $55. This is not a typo. Food, as one reviewer wrote, is not the point. Even the wealthy are pinched by the downturn. Instead of paying $4,000 for a bottle of wine, patrons are paying $500. This is not a typo either.

Wouldn’t you just love to see what Johnny Weissmuller could do in one of those modern swim suits worn by Olympian Michael Phelps? What, you don’t remember Weissmuller? He gave Tarzan his distinctive ululate. Jane gave him the motivation.

If you don’t get enough Vitamin D, you’re going to die. Well, sure, you’ll die anyway but bulking up on the vitamin can move the due date further out.

Bail out now if you are squeamish. Researchers digging in the ruins below Mt. Vesuvius have uncovered ancient libraries. The big eruption in AD79 carbonized many of the papyrus scrolls. In 1756 a Vatican researcher devised a way to preserve the damaged goods. Here comes the gooey part. They would unroll the papyri by suspending them from silk threads attached to their surface with a paste of fish oil. These were fixed in place by a slice of pig's bladder. More amazing, the device was used for the next 250 years, well into the Twentieth Century.

Include me out. I will not buy a ticket for “Tropic Thunder.” Ben Stiller is no Monty Python. He crudely skewers war, black face, Jews, splatter films, and all of Hollywood. But he crosses the line by grinding the word retard over and over into the dialogue.

A national boycott is growing.

"People with intellectual disabilities, including those with Down syndrome, are among the most vulnerable in our society. They should be encouraged, nurtured, and respected, not nationally humiliated in the name of a buck and laugh,” said Lori Tullos Barta, local attorney and president of DSACT. “The Down Syndrome Association of Central Texas hopes others will join with us in sending Hollywood a message that such words, depictions and scenarios are offensive to the disability community and will not be tolerated.”


The South Plainsman said...

Johnny W. was a great swimmer in his day, but would be no match for a modern athlete. They are all just bigger, stronger and faster than us old geezers were.

Is that a movie you were talking about? I certainly won't be going. Not because of the victimology involved, but because they just have hardly made a decent movie since John Wayne died.

Anonymous said...

He deserves the same treatment that Jesse Jackson wanted to perform on Obama!!

Anonymous said...

Isn't it amazing that good old mac and cheese has become very popular among the elite set.I love it,as long as I've got some kielbasa to go with it.
Johnny W. was a good vine swinger and was aided by Jane,Boy,and Cheetah.I'm still wondering where they got such clean loin cloths.

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