Friday, August 15, 2008

Nice and easy

Many visitors attempt to compare the Great Lakes with the oceans. But in the end, there is really no comparison. Witness this note from Maura Casey: “The Great Lakes are contralto; the ocean, a deep baritone.” Lovely, either way.

A gallon of milk in Barrow, Alaska, costs nearly ten bucks. Unleaded gasoline, ditto. Up there, all-terrain vehicles are used for survival, like hunting, not for sport. Worries mount that gasoline will reach $12 by the fall hunting season. So quit whining.

You’re never very far from the countryside in Minnesota. Only 16 miles from the Burger King in North St. Paul, there’s an alert for bicycle riders: “Please warn horses of your approach.”

The first clothing designer to put 17 snaps on a Western shirt is dead. Jack A. Weil, the cowboy’s dresser was 107 and still CEO of his Rockmount Ranch Wear Mfg. Company. He was also the first to manufacture the bolo tie. Clark Gable wore one in “The Misfits” and Heath Ledger wore one of Papa Jack’s shirts in “Brokeback Mountain.” Happy Trails.

Newspapers now have the distinction of being the only industry to screw up a monopoly worse than the phone company.


Ken Martin said...

Milk probably costs ten bucks in Point Barrow because cows are freezing their udders off. But gas? Okay, Alaska's lousy with oil but probably has no refineries (I'm guessing).

As for newspapers "screwing up a monopoly," that not exactly how I see it. It seems to me less that they screwed up a monopoly and more like they *lost* a monopoly. The rise of the Internet siphoned off so much advertising, be it paid as in Google, Yahoo and others of their ilk, or free such as craigslist, that the profit margins newspapers enjoyed is rapidly vanishing. Not to mention readers getting more and more of their news off the Internet.

If I had a robe and a longer beard I might be walking a picket line in front of newspaper offices saying, "The End is Near."

ArchGrafix said...

HEATHER Ledger??? Was that a typo or a Freudian slip? Funny, anyway...but not much respect for the recently departed.

George Phenix said...

Typo. My mistake.Sorry, sorry, sorry.

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