Friday, August 22, 2008

Rocking and rolling ... uh huh

Kenwood Slim. Ever hear of him? I doubt that Slim cares whether you have or not. He is a R&B singer of a certain age with a gravelly voice and a demeanor to match. Plays a lot of Jimmy Reed music. Heaven.

Last evening, Slim and the guys were playing at the bandshell in Minnehaha Falls Park. So we jumped on the bicycles and hoped it would not rain for at least the next hour and a half. (Sprinkled on the way home.)

The crowd was larger this time with 65 people rather than the usual 50. The majority were our age – and older.

As I looked around the audience, I realized something else. A high percentage -- fourteen of us -- had ridden in on bicycles. Not the road bikes that bend your colon into a semi as you lean over to reach the handlebars. No. These were sensible uprights. Some call them leisure bikes, or comfort bikes. Soft seats, with springs. None of that banana seat nonsense that threatens your sex life.

I don’t know who these aging road warriors were or how far they rode to get to the bandshell. That’s not important. What matters is – they got there. On their bikes. With their Medicare cards in their pockets.

It’s a new generation.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Another reason to harbor resentment for my ex-wife! She got my Jimmy Reed double album. That's one dude that I could listen to all day.
Also--- Is that a typo when you said that some of the people were older than you??? I thought so!!-------Goose

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