Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Conservative writers turning on Palin

Sometimes I surprise myself. But I never, never thought I would be urging people to read these conservative columnists: George Will, Charles Krauthammer, David Frum and Ross Douthat. Today, I cross that line. Google up these guys and see what they have been saying about one of their own—Sarah Palin.

Each of these right wing writers suggests she is unready.

The best of the current crop of conservative writers is David Brooks. He is funny and thoughtful. He thinks before he types. To read what Brooks has to say in today’s NY Times, click here.

Still not convinced?

Try this: Lyda Green is the sixty-nine year old Republican president of the Alaskan state senate and represents the district that includes Palin’s home town of Wasilla. This woman has the bona fides. She and Palin were friends and allies throughout the nineties.

Green says: “She’s (Palin) not prepared to be governor. How can she be prepared to be vice president or president?” Read more.

To counter this obvious shortfall, Palin’s handlers include a growing list of disgraced neocons from the Bush administration. Karl Rove confessed to being on the campaign staff and is fast becoming McCain’s brain, too. Just imagine what he’ll do with hers.

Read David Brooks today. You’ll be glad you did.


Anonymous said...

Brooks is a must read for any American with a brain who is eligible to vote!


Anonymous said...

If you insert the word 'Obama' where it says 'Palin', You'll have the same argument.
Being a 'community organizer'a very liberal state senator who voted 'present' more times than an actual vote. A U.S.Senator who has spent 1/2 of his first term running for President.All of this accumulated 'knowledge and wisdom' on bama's part gives him no more 'experience' than Palin.
Shall we go back and revisit the terms of one Harry S. Truman.
The only reason he wound up on the ticket with FDR was to get him out of the way of percieved progress of the democratic party.
Oh what I'd give if the same old Harry would revive and run again. I would definitely go democratic.
Sharon suggested that Brooks is a must read for any American with a brain who is eligible to vote.
Does anyone find it interesting that other than our democrats,Obama is getting a lot of support from Muslim countries and organizations that do not like us.This is from the mouth of one of my neighbors,who happens to be very Muslim.
merican with a brain who is eligible to vote.

Jeff Hebert said...

Wow, I think I have whiplash trying to follow how Goose manages to go in one sentence from reliably Republican conservative columnist David Brooks to Obama is a tool of foreign Muslim governments. From Giuliani we get the reflexive cry of "9/11! 9/11!" to every question, from McCain we get "POW! POW!" and from the regular everyday sort of Republican we get "Obama's a Muslim! Obama's a Muslim!"

Regardless, Goose I'm glad we agree that Palin is unqualified to be VP, good to see you come around on that score.

And does anyone find it interesting that other than our republicans, McCain is getting a lot of support from Communist countries and dictators who hate freedom? This is from the mouth of one of my neighbors, who happens to be very Argentinian.

I'm not sure what makes him "very" Argentinian, or what makes someone else "very" Muslim, but there it is, a positively truthy-sounding statement that's as idiotic as it is unverifiable.

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