Thursday, September 18, 2008

Economic crisis stock tip

Pssst. Buy bananas. In these uncertain financial times, buy bananas. I’ll explain shortly.

But first, a little history:

E. F. Hutton

S&L scandals, RTC

Freddie Mac

Fannie Mae

Lehman Brothers


You get the picture. It’s stark. The biggest bailout in the history of the world is underway. Big government is coming to the rescue of big money. Greed seems to be its own reward. But pity the homeowner trying to avoid foreclosure. No help in sight.

Now, a look into the future:

For starters. airlines, automobile manufacturers, credit card companies. If the federal government can bail out the stock market, why not these companies too? Print some more money. China is happy to back us up.

That’s where bananas come in. The U. S. government is spinning around the edges of becoming a banana republic. The feds buy another banana every time they put another buck into saving big corporations from big mistakes. We are nationalizing private business at an alarming rate.

Buy bananas. While you still can.


Jeff Hebert said...

On the plus side, now that we the taxpayers own AIG, we also own the Manchester United soccer team in England. So there's that.

sph said...

Does that make me a Soccer Mom? OH,no to do that you have to have 5children and added to McCain's 7 children, that makes 12 or 13 offspring if I did the math correctly - but looks like everyone has a hard time with math during this election.

So much for ZERO population growth. If Obama had that many children they would be all over him as so typical of his race, etc.

But I digress..

JohnSBoles said...

It is apparent that welfare is in the eye of the beholder...and those that be holden the money get (more of) it. Well fair enough. I remember something about taxation without representation that didn't go so well for the home team at that time.

Anonymous said...

Hold my hand,quick. I may just passout. Is this actually George Phenix taking a conservative stance on something?
George shame on you! Are you trying to bring a bad name to liberalism.
I whole heartily agree. Let those who got burned feel the heat!(that's an old,old saying I just made up)
When my Baby Cakes and I realized the direction we were going to have to take if we didn't act rather quickly we would be in deep doo.
We obtained new financing as quickly as possible. We were already paying less than many others, but our financial move made our payments even less.
This country was not founded nor was it ever the intentions of our founders to "bail" out people or businesses just because their pens overloaded their brains.
and Finally, is sph referring to the extra States that Obama got for us??---- Goose

The South Plainsman said...

Good, accurate picture, with more to come. The "Golden Rule" is hard at work in the halls of Washington, where every pol is seeming on the take. This is not a partisan statement....all of them are included.

Until such time as we can take the influence of big money out of our government, that is who will write the rules. With the First Amendment, it will be difficult. And since money is "the mother's milk of politics" the pols will have little interest in doing any regulation.

If anyone is interested in assessing blame for this, just check out who got the money:

We should never let one or two or however many of these companies get "too big to fail." Easier said than done, though.

Max Fischer said...

great take, George.

at the risk of sounding redundant, my comments are on my blog post from yesterday...

GW Bush has secured his historical posture as the most egregious liberal spender to ever occupy the White House

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