Monday, September 8, 2008

Knee jerk

It was an unexcused absence. I decided to take a break for the Labor Day holiday and just never got back to speed. Retirement can be like that. But I’m back.

Perhaps you’ve noticed that I haven’t been crowing about my basketball prowess lately. Blew out my knee. Hurt like hell every time my knee clicked into place. Insert knowing glances here. No self-respecting 69-year-old man should be out on the playground.

I checked to make certain I had the right equipment. Yes, the instructions said the basketball was recommended for males 12 and up. Apparently, there is no cut-off.

I miss it. As the Spalding box proclaims: “No flash. Just honest passion for pure play.” Emphasis on play.

But, as the knee pain was fading, my gout returned. Where did I put my cane?

Plus school has started (the basketball court is on school grounds) and they don’t want old guys lurking about the playground during school hours. Weekends will have to do. But this weekend, we had a cold morning rain. Then the 8th grade bullies came out in the afternoon.

Next weekend, for sure. Horse, anybody?


Anonymous said...

I just returned from Ireland/England where I played 36 holes of golf daily with the younger crowd (40-52)for 10 days walking and rehurt an old ankle injury from high school the fourth day. Not to be outdone, I hobbled for the last 6 days in rain and wind. I clearly understand your plight, and at 69 the recovery time is longer. Headed to the doctor today. Hope that you are better. Hurting is better than the alternative!!!

George Phenix said...

Ten days in Ireland/England...

That's Extreme Retirement!!!

The South Plainsman said...

Take care of those knees. I have to baby mine. Got an email from Mike this weekend asking for advice about his knees. I guess there is something about playing ball for Monterey over 50 years ago is catching up with us. I had to give up golf, but am going on a month long cruise from Florida to the Baltic next April. Come join us.

George Phenix said...

A month long cruise. That's what happens when you invigorate the base.

Anonymous said...

So glad you're back! Missed the musings! -- Denise

Anonymous said...

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