Monday, September 15, 2008

Potato, potahto

Ours is a small community at this blog. Like I’ve pointed out in the past, although I’ve enjoyed nearly 40,000 visits, I suspect it’s mostly my retired friends who have time on their hands. The hits come from the same twelve people.

Yes, we are small but we reflect the larger world about us. Same narratives, smaller print.

Take, for example, the difference between liberals and conservatives (or Democrats and Republicans, if you prefer). Somehow, the conservatives are painted as sacred while the Democrats are profane. Same story on the national level. Thinking about it worries me.

During the Democratic national convention, I wept. I cheered Obama. I knew they were right. During the Republican national convention, as I watched the faces in the crowd, I realized half my circle of friends were feeling the same thing while Sarah Palin spoke.

Who is being duped? How can we look at the same thing and come to such different conclusions? Are we hard wired differently?

Note: there is a school of thought that conservatism is a form of mental illness. Hold it. Before you join the posse, there’s a similar school tainting liberals.

Oy vey. Wish I had the answer.


Anonymous said...

Here's something for you to ponder about why folks vote Republican:

(also check out reponses in dialogue that follows)...Pam

George Phenix said...

Hey. That article is what set me off on this lonely ponder in the first place. I especially like the give and take from his peers at the "continued" button. Thanks.

fastalker said...

Well, I suspect there are at least two very different species on humans running around on the planet -- kinda like Neanderthal and Cro-Magnon. One is capable of conceptual thought, understands metaphors, parody and appreciates the arts. The others are Republicans.

The South Plainsman said...

Clearly only a few of us that wander by here are not "liberals", "progressives" or Democrats. Those of us that are not are George's very oldest friends, I suspect, and we all kind of look at George as a brother who got off on the wrong track somehow long years ago.

I was a Democrat once. Was involved to some extent at the highest levels of the party. Then I was a Republican, but only attended one county convention, and never another. Now I consider myself an independent, but I will tend to vote Republican more often than not. That party constitutes the lesser of evils most of the time. But both of them are politically bankrupt, in my opinion.

I have always been somewhat baffled by modern liberals, who claim to be intellectually superior to those who disagree with them, and act like it. They profess to be the party of Jefferson, but clearly know little about him. And equally clearly prefer policies that are the antithesis of Jefferson's ideals.

Now me, I admire Jefferson, and would prefer the country follow his policies of limited government, and the power in the country flowing from the bottom up, rather than the top down.

Modern liberals or progressives, however, clearly wish to impose policies from the government down to the people, because they think that obviously the people do not have the intellectual capacity to think for themselves. For a scholar, which they all must be, this must much more closely resemble Marxism than Jeffersonianism (is that a word?).
I will bet, though, that they will all be outraged at the mere thought. Perhaps they need to read a little of both and see.

But that is alright. George is a good guy, so we forgive his aberrations, and only gently chide him from time to time. Just to keep him on his toes. LOL

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