Thursday, September 18, 2008

Put me in, coach

To get our minds off politics and the financial melt-down, let's talk a little football.


Surely you’ve asked: why do football players wear wristbands up around their elbows? A medical advantage? A physical edge. No and nope. It’s vanity. The players like the look. Most wear the bands on one arm only. Both arms would just be too too.

Three and a half seconds. That’s about all the time the quarterback has to decide where to throw. While it’s not rocket science, algebra is of no use (takes too long). The QB is processing info on a level that even he might not understand. Emotional signals travel the fastest. Duck!

Who is the bigger diva – quarterback or wide receiver? Well, receivers gave us the first end zone dance. And head shrinkers describe receivers as “confident, assertive, talented, high self esteem, vocal, and may act without regard for criticism.”

Do football players hit harder these days? They should. Since 1970, the players weigh 20% more. Speed has picked up, too. And that’s where Newton Second Law of Motion kicks in. You do the math.

Just give me the damn ball.


Anonymous said...

When football was a game i.e. the 60's Cowboys....there were no dancers, ballet artists, or fashion design specialists....they played football period. I hae trouble watching this stuff today....never watch the Florida teams or Ga. Tech.... admire Penn State....New England is pretty well under control and I have always liked Green Bay....may have to slip a few looks at this next game. Oh that also goes with the NBA...nauseus basketball alliance. Bill

sph said...

Bill, I totally agree with your post today even down to liking Green Bay. After being a sports editor in the 1970's and with adoration and serious enthusiasm for the game, I hardly even pay attention anymore.

And I miss the anticipation. We still go to local high school games, tho. That's losing some of the luster, also.

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