Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Sarah Palin - another day, another scandal

Evidence is building every day that Sarah Palin is a fraud.

Consider the latest mini-scandal about Palin billing taxpayers for the 300 nights she spent at home during her first year-and-a-half in the governor's office.

Curiously, her expense report covers reimbursement for sending her husband on state-paid “errands.” She also got paid back for her kids’ travel.

Her official excuse is that she didn’t spend as much as the last governor. Weak.

It’s not the dollars; it’s the ethics.

Palin was away from the state capital so much that Alaskan legislators wore yellow pins asking “Where’s Sarah?”

She’s a huckster. Her approach to government is riddled with lies and omissions.

The chef? Still on the state payroll. She didn’t really fire the cook but merely reassigned the job to a different part of the budget.

The bridge to nowhere? She never reveals that she kept the millions of federal money in Alaska anyway.

The airplane? Not sold on eBay as she carefully alludes. McCain, caught in her propwash, swears she sold it on eBay at a profit. Actually, the plane sold at a loss to an Alaskan businessman.

The trooper? He should have been fired.

Sarah Palin has an awful record which has only been revealed to us in the few days since she became a candidate. Makes you wonder what else is out there?


The South Plainsman said...

Sources, George.

Here is a source that quotes other sources, all of which debunk the "ethics" charge.

sph said...

And the Alaska resident taxpayer rebates for oil and gas production for which Palin took credit have been happening long before she became governor. Granted they were a few dollars more because she is gratuitously raping the state she swore to protect.

She actually believes global warming has nothing to do with human events.

I want accountability for the failure and expense "No Child Left Behind". I need to know that my leader will not call me a bad American if I question the reality of poor choices that kill young soldiers and civilian children.

McSame and Failin are the same as Bush; they use the tactics of shame and scorn of those who dare to question their choices. Get real, it's narcissism not leadership

The South Plainsman said...

What actually happened was that Murkowski, the corrupt Republican governor she had defeated, called a special election and passed through a bill severely cutting oil and gas taxes, and doing other kind things for the industry. Turns out that a lot of legislators were paid off. Palin took office, called a special session, and got all of that repealed and also added to the taxes. SPH needs to do fact checking.

sph said...

The residents of Alaska have gotten rebates for years. It was an incentive to get setttlers in after statehood.

I was in Anchorage in 2003 and saw the rebate check. It was a friend's check(a chef at a restaurant downtown) and it was for $395.00

She was elected 20 months ago, she raised the rebate but did not develop it. Check YOUR facts.

Anonymous said...

Yes, Sara Palin is a liar.She has said she's against special interests, against earmarks, against tax and spend...yadda, yadda. None true. Here's what she is for: she's all for the war; she's for no reproductive choice for women; she's for teaching creationism in public schools; she's for book banning; she's for straight-only marriage; she's for cronyism; she's ALL for Alaska as the answer to our oil needs (drill, baby, drill); she's for God's Plan (I suppose whatever SHE decides that is). Is this all starting to sound familiar, like the last 8 years, like the conservative Christian agenda? She's not the new voice of the Republican party. She's the same old tired voice.

Anonymous said...

Thank you, George, for revealing the truth behind this woman. What a DISASTER she would be in the White House - as VP and/or, God forbid, President. She cannot get away with all of this lying and hypocrisy. Voters have only a few weeks to learn all they can and make an informed decision in November.

Anonymous said...

Oh the women are flocking to buy the same designer glasses she wears....I tell you this campaign is based on celebrity, religion and women's things. What a great country. Bill

sph said...

The Alaska Permanent Fund was started in 1976 with initial legislation in 1970.

I have had time to checked my sources. She enlarged the fund by expanding the oil companies and their incomes. If that's not being in bed with big business, what is?

Anonymous said...

Golly, George, lighten up! You have to love a governor who was
successful in collecting $27 million from the Feds for the Bridge to be built, then changed her mind (everyone can change their minds, can't they?) and then disdained that funding ("I said, 'No thanks!'") because her constituents and the rest of the country cried, "FOUL!", and then
kept that earmarked money for the 700,000 citizens of her state (what's $27 million divided up 700,000 ways?). Way to stick it to the Federal government, Sarah! Way to go, girl! Way to stick it to the rest of the stupid taxpayers and stupid governors in this country! I can't wait to see who she sticks it to if she's that heartbeat away from the real deal.

Anonymous said...

It is amazing what the liberals can come up with in their desperation to have an unqualified jerk win an election.
If Palin were on the hot seat for the rest of this election she is still a better choice than the dude that befriended a terrorist bomber,sat in a church for twenty years under a religious nut and didn't remember what he preached on,vote against letting a baby who had survived the attempt to murder it,to recieve any thing that would allow it to live.
Don't get me started on the fact that millions of babies have been murdered in the guise of "it's my body,and I didn't want the baby"
I have worked with and held those precious little ones with birth defects and I'll assure you that God loves them just as much as a healthy baby.
Further she believes that "global warming"is not man made. So do I. take a look at the history of weather patterns and you will find that we are actually in a cooling period. Of course if you don't want to check that out you need to continue listening to Al Bore,who will tell you about inventing the internet and was the victim of the hanging chad.
Sarah Palin is so far above the two democrat candidates, that I have decided to vote this year, and it won't be for the"annointed one or his 'flexible' Constitution running mate!!!--- Goose

Escaped Waco Alive said...

Worse set of choices the the presidency in my lifetime. I trust Obama as far as I could throw George Shipley in a high wind. And while I consider McCain a decent, honorable man, I find most of his politics wrong headed. What a world, what a world.

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