Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Free John McCain

I hate to see an honorable man like John McCain get so trashed. Not by Obama, but by his own campaign. The hacks are in control and it shows.

What a sharp contrast there is in Sarah Palin by day and John McCain by night. The disconnect is jarring. Palin is all attack all the time. Yet at last night’s debate, McCain was as near civil as he could get while sharing the stage with someone he disdains.

Palin needs to dial it back. Her incendiary remarks are dangerously close to inciting violence. She needs to take control of the audience. Cries of “kill him” should be squashed on the spot. Immediately.

McCain is losing. I think he will lose. The deck is stacked against him.

The economic downturn will not be resolved by election day.

He has not raised enough money and is beginning to pull out of key states like Michigan.

He cannot draw a decent crowd without Palin at his side.

His stunts have not worked. Grandstanding has not worked.

Dirty campaigning is not working.

Most political observers know that the John McCain running in 2008 is not the same John McCain that ran in his last presidential race. The difference? This time, he has let the dirt merchants from the George Bush campaigns muddy his campaign with their hate, lies, and division, Karl Rove lives.

Free John McCain. He’s going to lose. At least let him lose with his head held high. Let the man talk about the issues that he believes in his heart to be right.

Let John McCain describe his unique solutions for the America that he loves.

We owe it to him.


Jeff Hebert said...

I would disagree that this isn't the same John McCain. I think he's always been this way. As this story from Rolling Stone puts it:

Dramesi, who went on to serve as chief war planner for U.S. Air Forces in Europe and commander of a wing of the Strategic Air Command, was not surprised. "McCain says his life changed while he was in Vietnam, and he is now a different man," Dramesi says today. "But he's still the undisciplined, spoiled brat that he was when he went in."

He's always been a narcissistic, petty man like his best friend, Democrat Joe Lieberman. It's always about them, and when they don't get what they want they get nasty.

I think the difference is that in the past, McCain made a huge, concerted effort to woo the press, so they never reported any of the stuff like you're seeing now. They liked him, so they covered for him.

I don't mean that they were literally in the tank, I just mean they really liked him, so they always put the most positive possible interpretation on anything he said and did.

The real political mistake McCain's staff made was to alienate the media who up until then were, as John McCain himself once said, his "base". Once that very friendly filter was gone, the real McCain's colors were able to show through.

Anonymous said...

Today's ranks as THE best, most astute summation of what is going on in that campaign that I have read anywhere. Palin IS a train wreck waiting to happen. If someone does not check her, innocent folks will get hurt. She is as phony as the day is long and more reckless than phony.

I am sending today's missive to everyone on my list. ALL Americans need to read this.

Thank you so much for this, George. The Bushies and his underlings should take a high colonic with this as the first dose...Mike

Anonymous said...

The problem George is that only McCain can free himself of the chains of his own handlers. He's making the choices here. No one else. And I do feel bad for him. I agree with Maureen Dowd this morning when she said that he was
struggling with his ambition to win and his call to be something better.

Sad that a basically decent man (with whom I can respectfully disagree) can blind himself to the truth. I don't think that if he'd run the campaign he'd have preferred to run, he would have won. But at least he would have
lost honorably and not with mud smeared over his conscience.


Ira Kennedy said...

McCain sacrificed his integrity, plain and simple. To satisfy his base on the religious right he picked up his VP from the backwaters of national politics then sent his "Pretty Woman" out to spread vile innuendo and incite mob anger.

Since then he has been as erratic as a headless chicken. Petulant and abrasive, bouncing from position to position with no clear direction for the nation.

I considered voting in the past but now he is beyond redemption. Even his smile scares me. And Palin? How could anyone seriously trust this person as a potential commander-in-chief?

Anonymous said...

You are correct...this McCain is impossible to stomach. Too bad...but I guess wanting to be president so bad and trailing Obama (there are so many irritants to him I can think of...not necessary nice) must be the killer for him.
This stuff Palin is mouthing is for assault with deadly words....Bill

Anonymous said...

You are so full of it Phenix.
McCain is NOT going to lose.
The muslin liar BO is going to lose.
And as much as you want to deny it, Palin is a huge draw of votes.
Who are you kidding???? Only yourself.
We have a long way to go and you are going to eat your words.

The South Plainsman said...

The problem with McCain is he is being McCain. I have never been fond of him, although I tremendously admire his service to the country.

This is an election, as usual, where neither candidate would be my first choice....or even my second or third.

McCain just ranks a bit higher on my list than Obama.

I do not claim to be a good picker. I voted for George W. Bush, a guy I have known for 30 years, twice. I have never been so disappointed in a President in my life, except for Jimmy Carter, who I also supported.(There is a long story about that...I ended up not voting for him. Learned too much about him during the campaign.)

If Obama turns out to be a good President, I will eat crow and shut up.

But his background scares me to death.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Jeff this time. I have ceased to mourn the passing of the man I once admired.

And I don't blame his campaign staff. This son of a bitch began discarding all his principles way back when he pledged allegiance to Bush and his sleazy lobbyist cronies. And he lies with increasing ease and frequency.

Yeah, Mc was borderline civil at the last debate, but the disingenuousness that he exudes comes right from his tarnished heart.


Jeff Hebert said...

"muslin liar"? You mean he actually wears cotton instead? That bastard!


Anonymous said...

I think it is hillarious the way you libs can call anybody on the 'r'side a liar, phony,a train wreck and any thing else that comes to your little narrow minds.
Perhaps,before the election, You will go to K-Mart and buy you some symbalism of a brain.
Why you insist on trying to elect,a bonafide liar,a phony to the hilt,and a closet Marxist,I'll never be able to figure out.
Does it not bother you that Hussein Obama thinks it is alright to let a baby die that was meant for abortioneven though it was alive. Does it not bother you that Hussein Obama voted in the Illinois Senate to throw a husband and father in prison,because he obeyed one of the basic,honorable ideas to protect his family and shot an intruder,after the same intruder broke into his house the night before and stole the family car as well as the keys to the house so that he could return and take what he wanted at his leisure.
Does it not bother you that his friendship with Bill Ayers started a long time after Obama was 8 years old.
Does it not bother you that Hussein Obama will do everything he can to limit your free speech,take your guns away from you,and increase your taxes 'til
your blue in the face.You may think that paying taxes is a patriotic move. Legitimate taxes are one thing, but if you'll remember a little event called 'the Boston Tea Party' The real patriots are the ones who will object,and object rather strongly, to paying taxes just so the Dem Congress and Senate will have more money to spend on stupid things
I know the R's tried to top the Dems in spending,but they found that move a rather hard hill to climb.-------Goose

Ken Martin said...

George, George, George,

C'mon, you make it sound like McCain is a helpless pawn. If he can't pick his own consultants and run the kind of campaign he wants to, honorably and well, then how the heck do you think he could run an administration as president?

I think his picking of Sarah Palin, a supremely unqualified VP candidate, says all we need to know about McCain. He's grasping at straws and will do anything to get elected president. Nobody's making him do anything.

s.l.d. said...

Well said, Mr. George!

Okay, so I have a hard time articulating my thoughts about McCain, because my forebrain quivers when I hear his name.

Anyone defending McCain is essentially going down with the ship while the rats are jumping off.

I have a long history of severe dislike for McCain. The Rolling Stone article pretty much articulates why, not to mention I am tend towards the paleoconservative/classical liberal school of thought (not that stupid neo-cons remember what they devolved from).

Also, McCain served his country and suffered greatly, but that does not give anyone a lifelong carte blanche. There are so many people who have suffered terrible violence in their life and none of them play the pity card quite like McCain.

I love the "Obama is a Muslim" anonymous comments. Think a radical Muslim would marry a brassy broad like Michelle? Jesus, I guess the Cosby's must have been more groundbreaking than I can understand.

Those who are so afraid of the "Obama the Socialist" seem to conveniently ignore the fact our free market is not a free market at all, our rights are easily dissolved when conventient to the state, and that we just got duped by the world's greatest ponze scheme. What about that fits with the forefathers' ideal?



George Phenix said...

A word or two of clarification about John McCain.

Don't mistake my words for affection. I do not like the MoFo.

But I do honor his military sacrifice and am saddened by a campaign that does not match his past service to his country.

muaddib420 said...

Southern Plainsman: it's amusing that you say you have doubts about Obama, yet you admit that you voted for possibly the two worst presidents in a hundred years, Carter and Bush II. maybe you should look at your criteria of whom you consider a good choice.

as for McCain, i agree with some other posters, this IS the "real" McCain. he is a selfish, coddled brat and has been his entire life. he is, at his core, a weak and petulant individual. notice how he always has to have Palin or Cindy behind him propping him up at every stump speech. and when he stands alone, as he did in the town hall debate, he looks frail and weak.

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