Thursday, October 9, 2008

McCain-Palin dancing in the dark

A word or two of clarification regarding my remarks yesterday about John McCain. Don't mistake my words for affection. I do not like the MoFo. But I do honor his military sacrifice and am saddened by a campaign that does not match his past service to his country.

In truth, neither presidential campaign can wear a halo. But the McCain/Palin campaign is descending into the dark netherworld of hatred and bigotry. The politics of fear.

A growing number of respected conservative writers agree.

This week, nationally syndicated columnist David Brooks described Sarah Palin as a cancer on the Republican Party. Can’t get much stronger than that.

I try to rise above the muck. Sometimes, like with yesterday’s first post, I succeed. But often I feel obliged to shovel back.

That’s what worries me. America is in for some tough economic times Check your mail for third-quarter losses to your 401K. Tough times ahead. Likely for years.

We need to be pulling together – not apart.


Anonymous said...

'McCain and Palin are descending into the dark netherworld of hatred and bigotry.The politics of fear.'
Open your eyes George! If anyone is preaching hate it's the Obama people,and for certain,the case of bigotry falls squarely on the shoulders of Obama.He has dropped the race bomb at every opportunity.That's smart. If he can get enough people to feel sorry for him because he's a poor picked on black man,he'll win hands down.
Every time something happens or is said to his dislike,the RACE bomb is dropped.That's not a well kept secret.
Let's get some reality flowing in this race,on both sides.---Goose

JohnSBoles said...

George, I really enjoy this blog and its diverse group of participants. That said, I believe we all miss the opinions of William F. Buckley, Jr. and Molly Ivins. I can almost hear them snickering...and moaning.

George Phenix said...

Thanks, Goose.

It's been a long time, but I'm beginning to remember why I left Lubbock.

(Actually, I left 50 years ago to chase after the Mystery Woman who had moved to Austin. But that's another story and I'll let my statement stand.)

Ira Kennedy said...

McCain & Palin have nothing to offer but fear and smears. Plain and simple.

But let's hear from Molly Ivens:

"It's like, duh. Just when you thought there wasn't a dime's worth of difference between the two parties, the Republicans go and prove you're wrong."

"Any nation that can survive what we have lately in the way of government, is on the high road to permanent glory."

The South Plainsman said...

We see negative campaigning a lot because it works. That is on us, folks, or at least upon those that pay attention to it.

Take the Bill Ayers thing. Guilt by association has never been popular in this country, and should not be. Better to look into what those two guys did while they were running th Chicago Annenberg Challenge. That is what is important.

What did they do? Well, they spent $100 million which was passed out, not to any public schools, which desperately needed the money, but to private entities on the radical left who ran schools designed to train little "Weather Underground" kids. Kind of like the Islamic Madrassas, but different.

Don't worry about the association, worry about the policies in education that Obama pursued while doling out that huge amount of money.

That would not be negative campaigning. Policy issues are always on the table, and should be.

There will be lots of articles on the Chicago Tribune website (in their archives ) where one can get all the information one would need.

I went there over a year ago to check out Obama, and it is amazing what you can find there, particularly before he became the media's darling.

It might scare even committed Democrats.

sph said...

Ok Plainsman, below is what Wikipedia(not a great but certainly a nuetral source) says The Chicago Annenberg Challenge is. Does this jive with your definition at all on any level?

"The Chicago Annenberg Challenge (CAC) was a Chicago public school reform project from 1995 to 2001 that worked with half of Chicago's public schools and was funded by a $49.2 million, 2-to-1 matching challenge grant over five years from the Annenberg Foundation. The grant was contingent on being matched by $49.2 million in private donations and $49.2 million in public money.[1] The Chicago Annenberg Challenge was one of 18 locally designed Annenberg Challenge project sites that received $387 million over five years as part of Walter Annenberg's gift of $500 million over five years to support public school reform. The Chicago Annenberg Challenge helped create a successor organization, the Chicago Public Education Fund (CPEF), committing $2 million in June 1998 as the first donor to Chicago's first community foundation for education."

The South Plainsman said...

Who was the author of that Wikepedia discussion?

Try this:

Anonymous said...

George...I wait in anticipation for Tuesday November 4th when at last my television I believe will be Palin free. I agree with Brooks assessment of Palin. She is a cancer on the Grand Old Party.

Escaped Waco Alive said...

George…I, too, am no fan of John McCain. He would be a terrible president. Palin would be a lousy vice president. I, too, as a tolerant man, am horrified at the McCain/Palin campaign.

Sadly, I am just as horrified by the Obama campaign. An Obama presidency will be a disaster on a Nixonian scale. Obama is as cynical and calculating a politician as I’ve ever encountered (and I’ve come across quite a few sorry ones in my years in politics, as have you). And poor Joe…what a doofus. A nice guy who has reached the top of his abilities as the Senator from DuPont.

As a Yellow Dog Democrat, I am, for the first time ever, skipping—out of conscience—the presidential race and voting down ballot only. I cannot be a part of this. There are absolutely no good or decent choices for president or even vice-president this go-round.

As my literary hero Larry L. King would say, this is so terrible that I can’t blurt it out in daylight “so you’ve got to let me sidle up to it in my fashion.” I can’t speak to the horrors the Republicans have foisted on us this presidential election cycle. I don’t play in their ballpark. I don’t even park in their parking lot ever. But I am truly ashamed and disgusted with what we Democrats have allowed to happen. We’ve picked an unqualified, unproven, duplicitous (yeah, I know…they’re all liars, but he’s truly a cake-taker) candidate who will, I truly fear, lead us down a terrible road. His campaign has been an embarrassment. He has, under a false banner of unity (where’d we hear “I’m a uniter, not a divider” before, gang?), worked to divide people along racial, gender and social lines.

I’m disturbed about the politics of fear that has been the tenor of this campaign. But, once again, I take no credit nor blame for what the Republicans have done and continue to do. I am, however, ashamed at what’s going on in my house, and I do fear what will be the results of that low road less traveled (at least by my party) that is now the Obama Highway to Hell.

Ira Kennedy said...

SP, If all McCain has to rail about is Ayers that should tell everyone all they need to know about this man and his candidacy.

The link to the Radosh is quite interesting since the man rails against the Left at every turn, finds Commies most everywhere, etc. He claims the Left are a bunch of fascists. Wow!

Communism is control of the business by the state. Fascism is control of the state by business.

Anyway, I digress...

Palin is being pimped out, used to sell the Republican party with sex, lies and no interviews.

The South Plainsman said...

EWA, you have just stated almost exactly how I feel. I will hold my nose and vote for McCain as the lesser of evils, but I am not happy at all about the choice available to us.

We need a third party.

Ira, there are other things that McCain is addressing. All you have to do is pay attention.

Ira Kennedy said...

Hey, PM, I'm a news junkie -- even watch Fox News. I'm talking about today's news cycle... Perhaps you can enlighten me to whether or not he still wants to privatize social security, and if he still favors deregulation and just what winning a war without a front and no head of state to surrender to means.

The South Plainsman said...

Check this out, Ira, for something else McCain is talking about.

sph said...

Thanks for the link SP. Since most of that editorial was based upon information from Stanley Kurtz, would you agree with this following bio of Dr. Kurtz? He doesn't just lean right,he's fallen over to the conservative side and has such bias that I would not choose him as my personal source of information.

"Stanley Kurtz is an American social commentator who identifies with the conservative movement. He is an adjunct fellow of the Hudson Institute and a Senior Fellow at the Ethics and Public Policy Center, with a special interest in America's "culture wars." Kurtz writes regularly for publications such as National Review, Policy Review, the Weekly Standard, Wall Street Journal, and Commentary. [1] [2] Kurtz graduated from Haverford College and holds a Ph.D. in social anthropology from Harvard University.

During the 2008 election cycle, he has published several pieces detailing the relationships between Barack Obama and various Chicago church leaders such as Jeremiah Wright as well as former member of the radical Weather Underground Organization William Ayers.[4][5]"

So give me more sources please. When I google Annenberg Challenge, I get some pretty cutting edge stuff - better than *&^%$ Every Child Left Behind that I have had to work with for 14 years.

Anonymous said...

George,I thought you left Lubbock because 'White men can't jump',or is that 'dribble'!?
Like SP,I hold my nose and vote for McCain.Palin is another story. She has brought new life to this campaign,whether you like her or not.and again I say,"anybody that can dress a moose or elk that they have killed,is all right by me.
Now if she could get rid of skunks like Franks,Biden,Dodd,and Obama,she would be right on target.

The South Plainsman said...

I would agree that Kurtz is a conservative. That does not mean that what he says is not true.

It is very clear that a lot of the writers for the mainstream media are very liberal. Does that disqualify them in your mind?

Actually, facts are facts. They tried to hide the papers from the Annenberg Challenge, but Kurtz managed to get to them. Why has nobody else checked them out?

How else would we know what was in them?

I don't know. They only person that has looked at them ties Obama to Ayers and extremely radical left wing education policies. Are you not at least interested in checking that out? Seems like it would be important.

Of course, you can let someone else do your thinking for you and just vote for the individual or the party without knowing that much about the history and policies.

I gave that up many years ago. I try to find out the facts where I can find them and then make up my own mind. Sometimes I am right, other I am wrong.

George, remember, you and the Mystery Woman have promised to come back to Lubbock, even if only for a day or two.

Anonymous said...

South Plainsman- guilt by association is one thing we have to, by our actions,have to give some leeway to. After all, we are friends of George and Mystery Woman.
We just have to amke sure that fact doesn't get out to our fellow conservative ex-classmates.They might make us sit at the same table with George and company to drink a beer. Aw Shucks!(I learned that from Sarah Baby)I'd sit down with them anyway.---Goose

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