Saturday, October 18, 2008

McCain, Palin stir hatred

Now it begins. Death threats.

An ACORN community organizer received a death threat and the liberal-leaning voter registration group's Boston and Seattle offices were vandalized. (AP)

What the hell is this? Civil War Two? The civil rights fights of the 1960’s?

Hundreds of thousands of anti-Obama robo calls (maybe millions) are fomenting unfounded fears across the country. Yet they have produced scant evidence thus far to support their claim that Acorn has committed wholesale voter registration fraud across the nation.

If Republicans are so afraid of “the wrong people voting” why doesn’t the GOP mount a similar voter registration drive in friendly precincts? Wouldn’t the higher voter turnout be a net gain for America?

Instead, their lawyers file lawsuits to suppress voting. While the robo calls roll on.

Sarah Palin and John McCain are running a two-faced dirty campaign. In public, they piously point to McCain taking the microphone from the misguided Minnesota woman (kudos). But then they sign the checks for more robo calls.

Now comes GOP Congresswoman Michele Bachman’s charge that the media needs to expose “un-American” members of Congress. Just Google McCarthyism and HUAC witch hunts. A Republican gestalt left open all these years?

Death threats.

It only takes one nut, one bullet and a gun.


Ken Martin said...

Thanks for addressing this serious topic, George. I think what we're seeing is naked fear exhibited by the wingnuts who read the polls and see that their reign of terror is about to end, that McCain-Palin will be drubbed, that Democratic majorities will increase in the house and senate, and that Republicans around the country will get their comeuppance for running this country into the ground, led by a know-nothing president who's a worldwide embarrassment. As for the bullet and the gun, is it any wonder that Barack Obama was the first presidential candidate in this election cycle to request Secret Service protection?

Escaped Waco Alive said...

You don't think McCain gets death threats? Those just don't get reported, Only Obama is worthy of that kind of concern and compassion.

Obama, if indeed he was the first candidate to ask for Secret Service protection, probably did so because he has such a incredibly high, self-delusional, over-inflated impression of himself, decided he was far more worthy of protection that anyone else. You want hatred? Obama and the rabid Obamites have for months now spewed venom upon anyone who stood in the way of Barry's self-aggrandizement and right-by-birth anointments to the throne of what will be his imperial presidency.

My wife, who used to write a progressive Democratic blog, was vilified for having the racist audacity to support Hillary over the anointed one. State that you're against BO on his positions, experience, and character, and you're labeled a racist (even if you've spent a lifetime in the vineyards trying to harvest civil rights for all). No, friends, your Obama camp is as guilty of race bating and hate-bating as the McCain camp. Bill Clinton...a racist? Yeah, and I have hair and look like Robert Redford.

The Obamaites reek of hatred of the truck-driver and waitress vote. Have a fine wine, gang, and laugh at working people. He’s behind on his taxes. Wow. What do you expect in this economy? He’s unlicensed! How criminal of his to support his family without a license. Have another slice of Brie and bark at Joe and his filthy ilk, gang, who do the dirty work and try to make it and get ahead. This is the kinda guy that Democrats used to cherish and support. Not now. Not today. Now Democrats laugh at them, curse them, spit at them, particularly if they don’t see-the-light coming from the Obama Halo of Goodness.

What’s become of us? I don’t want John McCain to be president. I don’t want Sarah Palin to be vice-president. But I don’t want this reckless, feckless, win-at-any cost Unproven and Undeserving One to be president either. And I reserve the right to criticize him even if I’m having to accept the slings and arrows of those whose righteousness knows no bounds, people who, as Democrats used to choose to avoid the kind of vitriol and hatred practiced so well by Republican tutored by Karl Rove.

We’re becoming what we've opposed thanks to our own hatred and blindness. Eight years of Bush may have caused a lot of this frustration and anger. To have given into it, however, is no less a sin than that committed by those we have opposed. Alas, what Pogo said is now true of Democrats: “We have met the enemy…and he is us.” We face a disaster of our own making. Like an out-of-control freight train, the nascent Failed Obama President is on its way. God help us.

Anonymous said...

Republicans don't resort to the 'registration' tactics that the Dems use for the very reason that without a fair and just vote, this country has bailed in its efforts to remain sovereign and above the criminal tactics used by the Dems. Remeber LBJ,Kennedy,Clinton? How many dead people voted for them? When either side violates the very principal that made our country great, it becomes a game of who can steal the election.
George,you have been involved in politics long enough to know that death threats are a common occurence for national candidates.
As you said it just takes one nut,one gun,one bullet,to change the threat into reality.
How interesting that you accuse Palin and McCain of running a 'two faced dirty campaign.The best I can remember is that the Dems have always been guilty of that which they accuse the Republicans being.
By trying to switch the blame to the other side,they believe that their political purity is unmatched.
Hopefully our country will decide on McCain so that the illustrious Mr.Obama,can continue his vote of 'present' on matters of national concern.---Goose

George Phenix said...

I rest my case.

sph said...

I chose to set up a table on the sidewalk in my town square and offer voter registration cards to people. I visit and meet people and feel good about democracy. There were about 15 of us this year who helped people register as volunteers.

I do not have a clue to the veracity of the information on the voter registration cards that were filled out. That's not my job.

My candidate for president had nothing to do with my sitting in the beautiful fall weather to help people register to vote.

The wrath expressed in the previous comments imlies that I am a bad, bad person for this action. I say to you, just stay on the couch and complain about the people that do care and take pro-democracy actions.

I was a Hillary supporter and experienced no such animosity for that choice. I chose to follow her wisdom and support her endorsed candidate.

Anger seems to begat anger and you have the candidate to support that animosity. McCain is arrogant and mad and supremely dangerous.

Just leave the peaceful, kind, intelligent, charming and CONFIDENT candidate alone please. He drives angry people nuttier than they already are - just leave him alone please.

We need him desperately.

Anonymous said...

SPH - I have worked in more political events than you've probably seen.Not all were republican. Until the Dems decided to become the liberal party that they are now, I worked and supported them.
I could no longer support a party that continued in the liberal drift that it did.
I have registered voters, worked at polls and served as a campaign manager,in our area for a Presidential candidate in our area.
I havve been offered all the money I would need to run for office,but was not interested.
Don't pretend that you are an accomplished political activist,until you have paid the 'dues'.
My political science from college became so frustrated with my calling his hand on certain 'facts' that he offered a public debate between his philosophy and mine.
When I arrived at the debate site, I was surprised to learn that his philosophy would be presented by the schools debate team which he coached.
What else was I to say other than it blessed my heart and soul to see that it took 5 liberal minds to compete against 1 conservative.I won that debate.I rest my case----Goose


sph said...

ckirohdDear Goose,
I worked in Washington, D.C for a well respected Congressman and later a vice-presidential candidate who was at the time Freshman Senator from Texas. I have since worked for three local campaigns but I have had no interest in national elections since leaving Washington, D.C. - until this year. Senators Obama and Clinton are candidates who inspire me.

You said,"Republicans don't resort to the 'registration' tactics that the Dems use for the very reason that without a fair and just vote, this country has bailed in its efforts to remain sovereign and above the criminal tactics used by the Dems"

You implied I was a criminal because I helped register people to vote. That is not the case. Guess you'll have to find someone else to judge on this one.

Anonymous said...

SPH- this is what I mean by the Dems turning things around. No implication was made that you did anything illegal. I commend anyone who will take their time to help the election process.I am vehemenently opposed to anyone who tries to swing the vote their way by manipulating the registration,as apparently ACORN has tried to do.
I apologize to you for the misjudgement. If you have served in all those capacities,you have more than paid your dues in the legislative arena.----

Jeff Hebert said...

So, one candidate stands on a stage and implies her opponent is a terrorist who hates America. Her supporters, understandably get violent. And when BO asks for Secret Service protection, that proves he's unworthy of being President. And it's the same thing as turning in fraudulent voter registration forms, even though state laws for the most part require voter registration agencies to turn in all forms submitted to them.

Yeah, that makes a lot of sense. Calling for the death of an opposition candidate (and why not, if he really is a terrorist as Palin implies) is exactly the same thing as voter forms and asking for Secret Service protection.

As George said, his point is proven. Unreal.

George Phenix said...

This evening, two Republican U.S. Senators have asked McCain to stop the robo calls.

Jeff Hebert said...

One more point to make. I am sure you can find stupid Obama supporters who think and say foolish things the candidate himself never would endorse.

But I would defy you to find anything even a tenth as bad as this sign in the Pompano Beach McCain campaign headquarters equating Obama with Hitler, Stalin, and Mussolini. In his campaign office.

The McCain/Palin campaign has made a conscious decision to paint Obama specifically and Democrats in general not just as the opposition, but as America-hating quasi-terrorists. And we are reaping what they sow.

Nothing -- NOTHING -- Obama has done, either in the primaries or in the general, can come anywhere close to this kind of crap. I haven't even brought up the overtly racist statements by McCain campaign managers or the watermelon and fried chicken welfare coupon with Obama's face on it put out by the Republican Party.

Escaped Waco, can you blame Obama for taking SS protection that early, given this level of hatred, spurred on and given tacit approval by the Republican Party? I'd say he should've asked for it earlier.

Even if he is arrogant as you say (which I don't think he is, by a long shot), that's miles better than the hate-mongering John McCain and Sarah Palin. Shame on you if you don't vote for him because of hurt feelings that Hillary didn't get the nod, Waco. Shame on you.

sph said...

Jeff, I am sickened by the link to the sign in the Pompano Beach McCain campaign headquarters equating Obama with Hitler, Stalin, and Mussolini.

How perfectly terrifying and horrible. And angry.

He is a black man with a weird name. That is all. Why does that scare people into irrational anger? Other presidential candidates have had worse platforms but they were not vilified. George Bush has driven the country into the ground but he is not even hanged in effigy - what gives?

The Blog host said it best, what we read here that sounds so angry actually is the case. I wish this case would rest.

Escaped Waco Alive said...

Mr. Herbert...

I don't know who you are, but I do suspect you are an ass. Keep your shame self directed. You don't know me. I know enough about you to know you're knee jerk and just a jerk. Yeah, I supported Hillary. I supported Edwards before that. Hell, I'd support just about anybody but Obama because he has evidenced nothing admirable to me as a candidate. Hell, I'd vote for a yellow dog usually if he were a Democrat over a Republican. But, hey. If I said I'd vote for a yellow dog over Obama you'd label me a racist because I was concerned about color.

Shame on you.

Thanks, George for your friendship. But you can keep you asshole buddies like Jeff. I'm outta here. For good. (Aren't you happy about that, Jeffie?) You can't talk to people who are as filled with vile, shame and venom as Jeff and his maniac colleagues.

Do I want Obama dead? Hell, no. Do I want people to wish his death? Hell, no. Do I want some sanctimonious sonofabitch like Jeffie boy to shame me for not liking a candidate and expressing it. Hell, no.

I've got better things to do with my life and time. Books to read, people to love and support, students to teach and care for. I'll leave you haters behind.

Shame on you, Jeffie, for being a shit. You're one delusional, foul bastard.

Do I hate Jeff? No. I just am too old to put up with silly shit anymore. Do I hate Obama? Nope. Just don't want him to be president. Do I want McCain to be president. Oh, God no. Do I want to waste anymore time here on this? Nope.


Jeff Hebert said...

Wow, that was mature. You have amazing powers of telepathy, Waco. You can determine Obama's personal characteristics through the ether, and from one blog post of mine you can tell all that about me. Impressive.

I didn't call you a racist (that wasn't directed at anyone here in particular, I was talking about the links I posted), and I didn't use a single four letter word to describe you. And yet, look how you return the favor.

I'll assume you're just new to the Internet and still take everything people say too personally and read a lot more into words than what is meant or what is there.

I am sorry I've hurt your feelings, but I stand by the intent of what I said -- any Democrat who doesn't vote for their party's candidate should feel ashamed. Have we learned nothing after 2000 and 2004? Elections matter, and either you believe in what your party -- not one guy or gal at the top of the ticket, the whole party -- stands for, or you don't.

I was an Obama delegate to our precinct convention, but when there weren't enough of his there to generate even one delegate to the county convention, I agreed to go as a Hillary delegate anyway. I don't like her and I didn't want her to be President, but I'd have supported her both as a delegate and a voter happily, because I believe it's that important for the Republicans to lose.

Ollie Gravis said...

Some of the fellers posting here are pretty upset with the Democrats, Obama and probably the whole wide world. They make me want to run as far to the left as I can just to get some safe distance from their kind. George, you're doing some good here. Reckon if they can vent they won't whop someone up side the head...

JohnSBoles said...

A copy of my e-mail to the Editor of the Weekly Standard.

Mr. Fred Barnes,

Until today it has always been a pleasure and an enlightening exercise to hear your views. I have always considered you to be a thoughtful commentator in the presentation of conservative sentiment. It is a distinct disappointment to hear you say Colin Powell will vote for Barack Obama because they are black Americans.

This expressed opinion can only add heat and not light to the conversation. How sad for us all when one of your stature joins the herd.

John S. Boles

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