Sunday, October 26, 2008

McCain stumbles on Meet the Press

Several times John McCain got lost in his own words today while appearing on what had always been a familiar show in the past. Meet the Press is a regular haunt for the old warrior. He should have been comfortable on the set.

Maybe it was fatigue, maybe it was age. But several times he fumbled with words as he struggled to keep his thoughts on track. The final slip came when he tried, and failed, to name the five former secretaries of state who have endorsed him. Twice he tried to dredge up the name of George Shultz. And twice he lost the thread. In the final attempt, McCain again named four but the fifth eluded his recall and ended with his voice trailing in despair, “and one more.”

As host Tom Brokaw was laying out the next question, McCain blurted out “George Shultz. It was George Shultz.” Obviously he was not listening to Brokaw but rather, he was struggling to close the open gestalt in his head.

Each of us of a certain age have experienced the same kind of stumble. But not on Meet the Press. And not while running for the highest office in the country.

McCain and I are about the same age. He’s old. And Sarah Palin could be next in line.

I don’t want Sarah Palin to be a melanoma away from being president. Nor a heartbeat. Nor a stroke.

I don’t want that woman anywhere near the White House.


Ken Martin said...

You nailed it, George. That's why there's a hilarious e-mail photo finding its way around the Internet that shows a McCain-Palin yard sign. Only instead of McCain-Palin it says, "Geezer-Dingbat." (I'll forward it to you.)

George Phenix said...

If the RNC has spent more money on her education instead of cosmetics, Palin would have known that research on fruit flies has provided genetic breakthroughs for childhood disabilities.

Anonymous said...

Palin would continue the class of Laura in the White House.
Probably the reason that McCain fumbled his words so badly during an interview,is that he wanted to keep up with Obama when he didn't have a teleprompter.
Obama is the biggest loser to seek the Presidency,well maybe a continuation of Democratic losers since Kennedy.----Goose

George Phenix said...

It's Sunday, Goose. You should rest now.

Anonymous said...

Laura Bush has seemed to be like one of the Stepford wives. Hasn't held a candle to Barbara Bush.
Nixon was a really big loser, if I'm not mistaken.
W. sure is.
McCain is just tired and old and losing and undoubtedly very angry. I hope he can keep the respect and admiration he very much deserves.
Mystery Woman

sph said...

About Mz. Palin, “a little powder and a little paint, sure make a woman something she ain’t”.

Even when I try to understand how so many people think highly of the McCain-Palin ticket I am stymied. He sounds and looks old as he should with all the youthful and current carousing in which he apparently participates.

Reliable sources say Dubya is drinking again and Laura is the perfect enabler. She looks and sounds the part for sure.

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