Friday, October 3, 2008

Sarah Palin, Sweet Thang

She winked at me. Several times. Sarah Palin, aka Sweet Thang, winked at me through the television camera during the debate. She’s so cute.
What a flirt.

But, Sweet Thang plays by her own rules. And she darned well wasn’t going to play by the moderator’s silly rules. She did not answer many questions and, instead, answered questions that only she could hear. That’s slick. She’s slick. Ask her a question—any question – and she’ll tell you about energy. Just like the Energizer Bunny. Sweet Thang makes a good bunny. Yes, I know that’s sexist but she started it. Beauty Queen.

Sweet Thang said she wants the little ole Constitution to give her more powers as vice president. She means she wants control of the U.S. Senate. She got the idea from Dick Cheney. I told you she was smart. Smartest Beauty Queen of all.

In a yet-unnamed morning newspaper, Sweet Thang probably read the bad news about the jobless report. It’s not “looking backward” if you read it real quick, hon.

“The government is out with more bad economic news this morning: The job market began to deteriorate even before the financial crisis reached a more serious stage two weeks ago.

“Employers cut 159,000 jobs in September, more than twice as many as in August or July, the Labor Department reported. It was the biggest monthly decline since 2003, when the economy was still losing jobs in the wake of the 2001 recession.

“Forecasters had been expecting a loss of about 100,000 jobs in September.

“The new number was especially worrisome because the government conducted its survey during the week of Sept. 8, before the credit crisis took a new turn for the worse on Sept. 17.”

But don’t you worry your pretty little head about it, Sweet Thang. Maverick is going to get money from Cowboy to give to Wall Street and it will surely trickle down. You follow? No? Heck. Let’s get a six-pack and talk about energy. Drill, baby, drill.


Anonymous said...

The following is an excerpt (unedited) from an email I got post-debate from my sister. I should note that she's 56, divorced (no kids), and works two sales clerk jobs to make ends meet. In other words, she is the target group that everyone assumes would be lining up behind McCain - Palin. Thought you'd appreciate the insights.

"she wasn't going to chg my mind. i do get tired of the press saying she is just like me. she is not like me. i would never done the irresponsible act of 5 kids in a zero population era. if i had any, my 17 yr old daughter would not be single and pregnant. if i could not impress that upon her, mom/grandma would do the job. i don't condone aerial hunting of wolves and we ARE going to run out of oil some day so we had better get off the petroleum express and move it on. some one of her status should not have asked to call senator biden, joe. i can't afford 400bux for a pair of glasses. so not me at all."


Anonymous said...

I'm glad you picked up on the VP powers expansion; I heard nothing last night from the TV politicos that pointed that out, and her opinion
chilled me to the very core. I asked my husband, "Did she say what I THOUGHT she said???"

She sounded more like "Fargo" than the Coen Brothers could have imagined...Linda

Anonymous said...

What do you expect from someone whose favorite movie is "Rudy" and/or "Hoosiers?"

Anonymous said...

Biden couldn't wink due to the botox injections around his eyes.

sph said...

I have to say she is a quick study - amazing how that "performance" (and that is what it looked like) could follow the Katie Couric fiasco? Here in Burnet County there is a group called the "Plungettes". They wear Red, White and Blue everything and walk in parades with toilet plungers doing dancing routines. They are the women’s branch of the local Republican Party. (You read that correctly, carrying toilet plungers) Paulin's routine was so rehearsed that all she needed was the toilet plunger. She's just a Plungette on steroids.

The South Plainsman said...

SPH, they couldn't edit the debate performance.

Do I sense a little panic coming back from the left?

I think that you can all count on the fact that she is not trying to be just like liberals. She is just like most of us.

The South Plainsman said...

Before folks start talking about the VP and the Constitution, you should read Article I, which deals with the Legislative branch, and Article II, which deals with the Executive Branch. The VP is in both of them. Biden, who has been in the Senate since 1972, was just dead wrong.

The VP is a part of the Legislative Branch as President of the Senate. It is not a part time job for only when it is a tie vote. He is the permanent President of the Senate, but the custom is that they use a President pro tempore in his absence, which is frequent. He gets to vote only when there is a tie, but he can preside all the time if he wishes.

On the other hand, he is also a part of the Executive Branch according to Article II.

Cheney was dead wrong when he claimed that his position in the Legislative Branch gave him some kind of immunity. The immunity follows the job being done. He cannot get legislative immunity for acts as an executive.

There is no excuse for either one to claim otherwise.

Anonymous said...

no panic here. just disappointment. i was glad that, whew, a woman didn't make a fool of herself on international TV. but then, didn't she after all? actually, yes, because she didn't answer questions, she only recited what was scripted, her delivery was a HeeHaw parody of Beverly Hillbillies, and she didn't show any connection with anyone other than the camera. this was not a public address; this was a debate. I was embarrassed that this could represent American 40ish Womanhood to the rest of the world.
Mystery Woman

Anonymous said...

So, we are upset that Palin didn't answer questions.
She answered all the questions that were given to her that were not a part of entrapment. Had she answered the questions as moderator had asked,her 'performance' would have been no different than that 'unbiased'interview with Katie Couric,you know, the one that took 7 hours to coduct but was edited down to a select 2/3 hour of presentation.
It amazes me that the libs did not look for such obvious distortions that were made by Biden.He was the joke!!The way that he tried to inject Obama's name into every piece of legislation since Grover Cleveland was hillarious. Some of the legislation that he gave Obama credit for,was pre-Obama in the Senate.
By the way I slipped a phony name into my comment on those guilty of taking fundes from Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae.Seems as though nobody caught it.Get with it libs, there is no such person involved by the name of Stewart.-------Goose

The South Plainsman said...

Now Mystery Woman, you know I love you, but Let me ask you a question.

Senator Biden has served in the US Senate since we were about 33 years old, and he was unable to answer a simple question about what the duties of the Vice President are accurately. I mean, after 35+ years, he apparently still doesn't know.

Palin, the "dummy" who doesn't know anything, was correct.

Biden was wrong. Now he is either dumber than Palin, or he was deliberatly misleading the people watching. Now I do not care which it was. You take the choice.

sph said...

Dang right I’m scared. This is what revolutions are made of. See Russia, France, et al.

I am scared that a war monger with an uneducated journalism major(with extreme narcissism and avarice)will be elected over a well educated legalist gentleman (who has lived and experienced the entire world) by other narcissists who appear to be totally capable of caring even less about soldiers and hard working families. The grunt military (made up of lower and middle class Americans) and the middle class are the only Americans carrying the true burden of this war because of huge tax breaks and outrageous salaries for the greedy jerks who love George Bush and Halliburton! And now more poor and getting poorer middle class Americans have to carry the blunders of other narcissists from Wall Street. This is what history says revoltions are made of. You may be insulated and off the street, the rumblings are there.

This is not a novel, this is real time. A superb legal mind like yours - I am baffled? Keep writing, I want to understand.

As far as I am concerned, the Greatest Americans are those that kept us economically sound and at peace. Not George Bush and certainly not John McCain, he is not a maverick. At his age and military background he is virtually incapable of being anything but what he is - old and conservative. He showboats well enough to play Vegas but he is out of touch with the largest segment of American Society.

I can go on and on but it becomes a rant and that's uncomfortable for the voters who actually picked George Bush and will now compound the insult by voting for another of his ilk.

Jeff Hebert said...

I think that you can all count on the fact that she is not trying to be just like liberals. She is just like most of us.

My favorite part of this sentence is the implicit insult that liberals are "not us". Thanks SP, it warms the cockles of my heart to know that you consider at least half of the country to be unAmerican, how delightful. I guess the only Real Americans are the 22% who still think Chimpy McFlightsuit is doing a great job.

The status of the Office of the VP is ambiguous, as you point out. That would mean Biden wasn't wrong, he was subscribing to an alternate interpretation. He did cite the wrong Article of the Constitution, which presumably means he's secretly a Soviet agent or something. I do think it would be a good idea for Congress to pass an Amendment or whatever the right thing to do is to clarify exactly which branch can provide a check and balance for the office of VP like they did with who succeeds the president in what order.

I love the Orwellian double-speak of "She answered all the questions that weren't entrapment". That so delightfully encapsulates the last eight years of Up-Is-Down-ism.

Let's review all the situations where it's biased to ask Sarah Palin a question.

* If the question comes from a voter in a diner.

* If the question comes from an actual reporter, in any context.

* If the question comes from a network anchor, because Joe Biden didn't get the same question.

* If Joe Biden gets the exact same question from a network anchor, because it's edited. And reporters are liberals, who aren't "us". Also they hate America.

* If Sarah Palin is asked a question with no follow-up, which is the same question asked of Joe Biden two minutes later, which is not edited because it's live.

Of course the short answer is, every question asked of Sarah Palin that's from someone who doesn't work for the Republican Party is biased, because media bias is like porn -- a Republican always knows it when he sees it and believe me, they spend a LOT of time looking.

Jeff Hebert said...

I also want to quote "American Conservative" writer Daniel Larison:

[I]t seems clear to me that the ever-declining standards that conservatives have set for what makes a candidate acceptable to them and the declining quality of the political leadership they have received are very closely related.

You can stick your fingers in your ears and cry "Media bias, media bias, Liberals are evil!" all you want, but a lot of conservatives feel exactly the same way: This woman is not qualified to be the Vice President, and certainly not to be President should something happen to John McCain.

Of course we all know what the response will be -- "They're not real conservatives!" Eventually the Republican Party is going to define itself down to three guys and a six pack at the rate they're disowning each other.

Anonymous said...

Wow! I can do Orwellian double speak!!!
If you libs would get off your ears and listen to the questions and then the answers, you would actually know that Biden gives whatever answer is necessary at the moment,truthfully or not.He has learned a lot from his master of the realm,be it Reid,Franks,Kennedy,Dodd What's his name(oh yeah,Obama).

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