Thursday, October 2, 2008

Sarah Palin, terpsichorean

Sarah Palin is ready for her dance with Joe Biden.

Palin, also known as wife of the First Dude, has been studying the mess with the stock market. And she’s got the numbers down cold. A bear market means the kids get no allowance.

Her handlers had Palin rehearse at McCain’s ranch so she would be more comfortable. Palin could see Mexico from Arizona.

Jay Leno thinks she’s ready: “I think she knows all three branches of government.

Full disclosure. All of this is a lift. For two reasons:

(1) to have a little fun, and
(2) to underline how quickly Sarah Palin became a national punch line.

McCain and his handlers from the Bush Administration would have been much smarter to let Palin loose in real-time press conferences where she could have polished her rough spots. The outcome certainly could not have been any worse. It was a mistake in both tactics and strategy.

Breaking News: we’ve found Sarah Palin’s playbook for tonight’s debate between the vice presidential candidates:


The South Plainsman said...

McCain's campaign was less than stellar before about June. Then he shook it up, installed some new folks, and did very well until a week after he announced Palin as his VP. Since then, he has done nothing but let her float in the breeze. He went to Washington and made some news, but mostly it has been about Palin, and mostly generated by his opposition.

As somewhat of an old pro, I would advise McCain to get his butt in gear, or he is going to be soundly defeated. It may be too late, already.

He needs to make the campaign about him and Obama, and not about Palin. Can he do it? I have no idea.

Letting the other side make the campaign about Palin was not good politics. He needs to try to regain the iniative. The best way is to turn her loose to do whatever she can do the best. They need to stop trying to make her into something she is not.

Ken Martin said...

We'll be watching tonight's Biden-Palin debate at a friend's house where many of us liberal, Central Austin Democrats gather for these things. Unlike the debates between John Kerry and George W. Bush in 2004, we'll restrain ourselves and not throw marshmallows at the screen every time Palin speaks, as we did when Bush flubbed his lines. Don't want to trash a friend's house, you know.

sph said...

We call ourselves "L Cubed", for liberal ladies luncheon group. We are doing a Superbowl-like evening here in Central Texas for this debate. We're gonna throw popcorn because the dogs will eat it.

Hope I have enough popcorn....

Max Fischer said...

Palin is going to do great for a couple reasons. First, there are absolutely no expectations for this candidate to do anything beyond simply showing up. In addition, Biden has years of votes and rhetoric she can use to tear him down. My guess is Palin will go on the turbo attack offensive.

Anonymous said...

Tonight is going to be a hoot. The fun will be after the debate to switch back and forth between MSNBC and Faux. Of course, the Cubs are playing to give us another choice.

Anonymous said...

Here's hoping that Palin causes a mental restoration among liberals.They have no where else to go but up.
She'll do good despite going up
against the stellar,master of the Croation language,king of the disjointed tongue,Joe Biden.
---- Goose

The South Plainsman said...

Eat your hearts out!

George Phenix said...

Certainly, Palin did better than I expected.

But she steadfastedly refused to answer the questions asked by the moderator. When she did answer, Palin repeatedly coughed up the same energy, mayor, governor furballs. Talking points, yes; answers, no

She did no harm until the very end when she said she wanted to expand the powers of the vice president. After Dick Cheney? Seriously?

Initial polls indicate Biden won.

George Phenix said...

I can spell better than that. Sorry.

Anonymous said...

Well, she certainly didn't win. Too many rehearsed talking points that didn't address the question. But she didn't completely lose it. No big embarrassments. Biden the big winner overall. McCain/Palen still going down. McCain is a chased cat with no claws.


Max Fischer said...

this was a debate that Palin couldn;t lose and Biden couldn't win. She was only really competing with herself and the expectations were very low. She exceeded those expectations, while not answering questions (George is correct, read the transcript). Palin does dig me though. She winked at me at least three times tonight.

Anonymous said...

I agree she did do better than expected. It was wise that Biden avoided attacking her, but rather focused his attention on McCain. I must admit I have never been winked at by a candidate, nor have I ever heard a "shoutout" during a debate.

Anonymous said...

Don't you think that if there had been follow-up questions, it would have demonstrated her lack of depth on the issues? I thought the format was made to order for someone folksy with not a whole lot of knowledge.


Ira Kennedy said...

I can't believe Ifill let Palin get away with I may not "answer the questions the way you or the moderator want" when addressing Biden. Can anyone on the conservative side say Ifill was biased? Exactly the opposite.

In my humble opinion Palin basically said to the moderator, "shove it". Clearly this was planned so this soccer mom could stick to her notes, babble clich├ęs and give "shout outs".

Could this possibly be for real or am I having a nightmare?

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