Monday, November 3, 2008

Breaking News Everywhere You Look

It’s difficult to maintain my election frenzy. The falling leaves are so beautiful. I keep getting distracted by their grace and whimsy. Much better than Zoloft.

We have become election news junkies. I probably devote four hours daily glued to the computer, the TV and the newspapers.

You, too? We are not alone.

Researchers have been checking regularly with 20,000 registered voters. Recent findings: 61 percent of the voters had browsed the Net for political info in the last week, 50 percent has succumbed to political e-mails and within the past 24 hours, 53 percent had shared some low talk about a candidate.

Beer has been an election night staple for as long as I have been voting. This year, however, both hands will be full. One with the remote, the other with the mouse. I told you we were hooked.

This year, we’re keeping track of election stats by more than merely “Breaking News” on the cable news shows. We’re following raw data via media outlets that were not around just four years ago. Think of it. YouTube did not exist the last election. Facebook was mainly Ivy League. No Huffington Post. I’m not sure about when Politico ginned up. News aggregators. E-mail alerts. Weather out west.

Which is the relevant news source anymore? The answer: there is no single source now that each of us has control of the information joy stick. No longer will we be content to be spoon-fed by Brian Williams, Charlie Gibson and Katie Couric. Full disclosure: I’ll miss Katie more than the others.

If you think election coverage is snappy this year, just wait until the election four years from now. Chances are, we will be watching one interactive screen that combines data streams, video streams, and perhaps newspapers, too. Plus probably some device or application we haven’t thought of yet. One day in the future, we may even be able to vote from home.

Here’s the good news: That should leave the other hand free for the beer.


The South Plainsman said...

Sounds like my night as well. The Internet is just too informative to rely on talking heads to dish out the same old stuff.

I have no feel for the results, but a lot of fear...just like everyone on either side.

I wish we could have folks running that nobody in our country would be afraid of. Probably never in the cards.

Anonymous said...

Will it be "Twilight Zone" with Obama.or "It's a Wonderful Life" with Sarah Palin. The Shadow Knows!

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