Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Bring us together

Can he bring us together? No matter who wins today, that is the question. Can he bring us together?

Americans are tired of hating each other. We are weary of wedge issues, campaigns based on fear, based on going negative. We are tired of this crap. And with the Internet, we can now dig through many of the lies.

Full confession: it will be a helluva lot easier for me to come together with my conservative brethren if the liberals win.

Why? Consider this. Today, a member of the Texas State Board of Education refuses to retract her claim that Barack Obama is plotting with terrorists to attack the U.S. She also suggests Obama would try to expand his power by declaring martial law throughout the country. She actually believes the crap she is spewing. What a nutcake. I have never been so proud of my home state.

That kind of ignorance is difficult to take. And we have Karl Rove to thank.

OK. OK. If facts won’t work, maybe humor will. I was heartened by a NYT article in Science Times purporting that conservatives do indeed have a sense of humor. Maybe even better than liberals. Outrageous, but possible, I suppose. Clearly, we need a recount on the research.

Sex won’t work either. Liberals and conservatives have long debated which side gets more action. Each thinks the other does. Duty trumps booty?

Now we’re getting to the other question of the day: why do people vote at all? Surely each of us knows that our single, solitary vote does not an outcome make. Your chance of changing an election is about the same as getting hit by lightning bolt (which might help that dame from Texas).

We vote because it is the right thing to do. We vote because of patriotic duty. We vote because we believe in America.

And maybe today’s victor can build on that. Hope so.

So go vote if you haven't already.


Ollie Gravis said...

Stop me before I vote again!

JohnSBoles said...

Re: Cynthia Dunbar, member Texas Board of Education. No real surprise hear...law degree from Pat Robertson's Regent University...and she has a new book to sell.

Anonymous said...

I suspect Ms Dunbar might be one of the 23 percent of Texans who believe Obama is a Muslim.

The South Plainsman said...

Ms. Dunbar is one of those crazies on the school board that is bringing discredit to the Republicans.

I did notice that at Dixville Notch, in New Hampshire I believe, there are 19 registered voters. Obama got 15 votes and McCain got 6votes. ACORN has been very busy. LOL

JohnSBoles said...

"No real surprise hear..." Here. Keyboard engaged without benefit of brain. Anyway, if the laws of physics come to bear perhaps the vacuum that has been created in the middle will be filled soon. Let's dump Bill Maher and Ann Coulter to begin.

The South Plainsman said...

Johnsboles, I will support you on that. I cannot stand either of them. While we are at it, there are a bunch more on the extremes, but I cannot and will not name them all. But we know who they are.

The extremes in both parti3es discredit the rest. A centrist party, either right or left-center would be fine for the vast majority of us. Its the extremes, and the fear of them on each side, that creates most of the problems.

Anonymous said...

The answer is NO.

Anonymous said...

You can dump Bill Maher for sure,but I suspect that George has a crush on Ann Coulter.(don't tell Mystery Lady).I am definitely ready for the squabbles to end.
Let's just all choose up sides and root for the Red Raiders.--Goose

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