Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The fugitive(s)

This is personal -- the recount in the Minnesota senate race between Al Franken and Norm Coleman. That campaign could send the Mystery Woman to the federal penitentiary. And her 88-year-old mother, too.

Voter fraud. Or at least what will look like voter fraud at first glance.

The women voted voted once but appear to have tried to vote twice. They were acting on the advice of Minneapolis election officials.

This sordid tale began when someone stole our out-going mail from the mailbox on the front porch. Three envelopes were taken that day: one was a packet of stuff to a friend across town and the other two were their absentee ballots because we were planning to hit the road before election day.

Well, the friend received her packet. But, with the heavy absentee voting, there was no way for election officials to dig through sacks of incoming mail perchance to find the ballots from our aforementioned felons-in-residence.

“You girls just come on down and vote early,” intoned the election official on the other end of the line. “If your ballots have arrived, it will show up on the voter list and you just walk away. If not, you vote.”

That was before the tight senate race triggered an automatic run-off. What with all that scrutiny, our formerly good citizens are bound to be discovered. True, they only voted once. But the mail-in will make it look like a second attempt.

Worse, when the federals knock on the door of our Minneapolis home, they will discover we have flown the coop. This is looking worser and worser.

Stay tuned for the final outcome. Will Al Franken win by two votes? Or lose by two?


The South Plainsman said...

Because they voted Democrat, they will be fine.

Anonymous said...

I would be happy if Frankenstein lost by a million votes.That would only be 1% of the non registered voters.

Anonymous said...

I forgot!! If you make a cake out of mud and grass(My grandaughters recipe.) they'll only say "How cute" and not search for the file cleverly disguised as a candle.---Goose

Max Fischer said...

Since Coleman lawyers are arguing that any ballot showing a McCain and Franken vote is a mistake (after all, EVERY McCain voter INTENDED to vote for Coleman as well, correct?) and should be purged, all is fair in this top on down corrupt political world.

Ken Martin said...

I won't tell 'em where you live, George. Keep a low profile and watch out for surreptitious retinal scanners.

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