Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving

It works best as an action verb.

Want some? Give some.


Max Fischer said...

Happy Thanksgiving, George. Please extend my greetings to the MW as well, with adequate hugs and smooches. We're visiting family in Stillwater for the week and enjoying the "balmy" 37-degree temperatures. Enjoy your day with friends and family. Save a turkey leg to plug the mouth of any uber conservative LA guest that may begin to rant at the dinner table.

George Phenix said...

we have relatives in from L.A. last night we fed them Texas bbq at the Iron Works on the banks of a downtown creek filled with snapping turtles. turtles ate the left overs.

today, we all go to my daughter’s little ranch about 45 minutes from Austin. horses and turkey. what could be better.

she serves dinner outside on the back porch. year round.

happy thanksgiving to all.

Innovative Miranda said...

Well done - your wisdom is showing. It is wise to know when NOT to write new stuff. I also appreciated your use of lyrics on election day.

I also am a minnesotan who voted for Al Frankin and remain in suspended animation.I am know to MW as Mindy.

As a life long Minnesotan I am enjoying trying to wrap my head around an outdoor Thanksgiving event - what fun.

I can share a story from the other extreme - my Thanksgiving as a BIA teacher above the Artic Circle in Venetie Alaska. It was the year the teachers decided to make up a holiday meal for the village. But it was our first year there and we didn't check on the propane tanks.

Yep - propane can freeze. We were cheerfully were pulling out huge undercooked turkey's from the school ovens as the first guests arrived. So we ran out electrical cords and wrapped the tanks in electric blankets. Came in and the next job was to get out the organ meats and get them cooked up and offered to the elders so the event could start.

For everyone else the "meal" began with all the fixings and turkey as the dessert course.

A good time was had by all.

Anonymous said...

Miranda- If you voted for Al Frankenstein,you'll stay in suspended animation.He would make a worse Senator than he was a 'talk show'man or a comic.He was pretty bad at both.---Goose

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