Friday, November 7, 2008

Snowbirds R Us

OK class. Today, we’ll do weather. This may be more than you want to know.

Click onto that bulge on your weather map – the one howling from Wasilla to Des Moines. You can see Canada from Des Moines. Especially today. Can you spell b-r-r-r-r!

We are into Day Two of our semi-annual migration between Minnesota and Texas. Weather-wise we are headed in the right direction: South.

Earlier, we had planned a side trip through the Black Hills just to wash the election grime from our souls. But the blizzard dropped seven inches of snow in Rapid City. This is a very serious storm.

Recognizing the chill was headed our way, we chose to make our getaway straight south via I-35 for as long as we can stand it.

Back to the weather map. You’ll notice snow is predicted for Des Moines, where Canada is actually falling from the sky. It is snowing in Minneapolis. We win!

But I wander. Back to the map. See that red spot slipping down the warm side of the front (the eastern edge)? That’s us, cruising: the Mystery Woman, Virginia, the matriarch, and Bella, the ailing and loveable little dog. With luck, we’ll miss the heavy rains of yesterday.

In a few minutes, we are leaving Cameron, Mo. Next stop: Van Buren, Ark. Has everybody made a pit stop?


Lillah said...

Travel safely my dearest of friends. You can see the Black Hills next time. They truely can scrub the soul clean. Let us know when you hit hot weather.

Ollie Gravis said...

Vaya con Dios...

The South Plainsman said...

Drive carefully. And welcome back to God's Country.

Anonymous said...

Don't forget to wash your hands before you touch anything in the great Lone Star State.---Goose

Max Fischer said...

safe travel wishes all the way to Austin, which is my favorite "state" in Texas.

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