Tuesday, January 20, 2009

America, the beautiful

For days, we’ve been filled with unexpected, unexplained nervous energy. Of course, it’s about Obama but we don’t fully understand why we are so jazzed. We feel patriotic. We feel in love with our country.

Yesterday, the Mystery Woman turned on the TV and started baking.

After the baking was done, she started making chocolate icing. We’ve got lots of stuff slathered with chocolate icing. Chocolate is good on gingerbread. Come on over.

Little moments bring tears to our eyes. American moments. Shared joy.

Would that this day could last forever. Fly your flag. Sing.


Escaped Waco Alive said...

It's got to be a problem with your pacemaker again, George.

Escaped Waco Alive said...

The best thing about this new administration are those two adorable children. One of the girls said to her Daddy after he completed the oath (botched by Chief Justice Boob Roberts), "Daddy, you're the PRESIDENT!"

My Child Bride tells me that this weekend the Obama daughters consulted with Dad about his Tuesday speech ... "It had better be good" one said ... "It had better be short," the other one added.

Now, I'm voting for either or both of those wise young women for president in the appropriate number of years (assuming I can get as good a cardiologist as Geo. and be here in 30 or so years).

The South Plainsman said...

Well, its done. A great speech with great aspirations. Let us all hope and pray that he is successful in achieving the goals stated.

Ken Martin said...

Did the new president use a teleprompter. Beats me. I didn't see one. But that's not really my point--which is that he gave one helluva speech.

I was at a friend's house in a room filled with fellow liberals and we cheered for everything. The women shrieked when Aretha Franklin was announced (our local doo-wop girls), we all got misty eyed when Obama made his speech, and we all laughed at the wit and humor of the minister who gave the benediction.

It's a great day.

Anonymous said...

It's a great day to be an American!!!

sph said...

The Flag is flying high(literally, the wind today is coming from Lubbock, I think)

Did you notice how the flag on Obama's lapel sparkled?

The house here on the pond was full of people who cheered and cried and sang along with Aretha.

(The Champagne could have had something to do with it!)

Time to get to work. I'm ready for an assignment.

Anonymous said...

it's beentruly joyful being alive to see this today. I too a day of O-ficiAl vacation to make a statement at work & to watch the festivities.
Tried to hold up my glass of champagne till "Hail to The Chief" but there were too many reasons to tip it before they did. Glad for that other bottle.


JohnSBoles said...

I think for all of us that watched Watts and other inner cities burn in the summer of 1965 today is significant. Progress. Tomorrow will not be perfect but the history of this Nation is a history of human progress in spite of the day to day imperfections. We Americans are the best example still.

Anonymous said...

Cheez you guys!! Do you get this excited when watch your clock.
I am perfectly willing to give the illustrious new President the open hand for his obligatory 100 days,but I will take names.--Goose

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