Monday, January 19, 2009

Does Madoff wear Armani T's?

Ah. The Internet.

Have you seen the email claiming to be mug shots from the Chicago Police Department where each of the perps is wearing some sort of Obama T-shirt? Stick ‘em up.

“Chicago police report no arrests of people wearing Bush T-shirts,” says the proud caption.

Of course not. Bernie Madoff doesn’t wear a T. Neither do the suits who have robbed us blind from behind the bank counters and up and down Wall Street. Billions stolen while wearing Armani. And precious few are in jail yet.

These Chicago hoods are pikers by comparison. Pikers.

Frankly, I don’t quite understand the rationale behind compiling and sending such trash. Of course it is racist. But what deep-seated fear prompts otherwise righteous white people to clutter the Net with this junk?

This is not to excuse the people who break the law. Not at all. But I would much prefer them to wear an Obama T than Al Capone or Dillinger or Bugsy. At least maybe they are aspiring for a way out of crime, if wearing a T-shirt is a political and social statement as well as fashion.

Racial equality is now accelerating in America. Get used to it.

And — if you are half as smart as you think you are — help America make the transition. In just a few more years, whites will be in the minority in the USA.

You damn well better hope that more and more leaders like Barack Obama emerge from the primordial urban soup. We’re gonna need ‘em. We'll be digging through the mess made by George Bush for decades.


Ken Martin said...

I'm glad to see the post-surgery George Phenix is back in form. Give 'em hell, George.

Anonymous said...

Who has he led doing what? I'll wait and see if he is a leader.


The South Plainsman said...

I suspect that Bernie Madoff is a Democrat, since most Jewish folks are. How much they steal really isn't the determining part, its the fact that they steal, and I don't necessarily think that good character is political party dependent.

If I recall that particular email, there were white and Hispanic perps pictured as well as blacks, so there is nothing particularly racist about it, unless the Obama T-shirts were.

Would your outrage be the same if the T-shirts had been touting McCain?

You must know that a lot of the stuff passed around the Internet is not intended to be taken seriously. Lighten up. I can assure you, there is much worse stuff than that out there, and nobody is immune.

I am just waiting for the mug shots of Rezko, Blago and the other associates of Obama in Illinois to be posted. I suspect they will be in Armani rather than T-shirts. LOL

Anonymous said...

George,, you remind me of the typical Demo liberal. Everything is racist,racially motivated or is dealing the race card. Shades of the revs. Sharpton and Jackson.
I did not vote against Obama due to his color,but because of his socialist agenda.
I would have loved for the Republican candidate to be a conservative but no such luck. I would have been thrilled if the Republicans had ran a conservative like J.C.Watts,Walter Williams or even a "white" guy like Newt,or Thompson,or one of many true conservatives.
I will not in the foreseen future get down on my knees and thank the Lord for sending us Barack Obama. Now give us a break, so we can bask in the glory of having Hillary as Secretary of State.--------Goose

George Phenix said...

From high school til now -- all that time -- and you two guys are still fart knockers. Just fart knockers.


Anonymous said...

S.P., Yikes! Most Jewish folks are Democrats? So I reckon, by your way of thinking, most blacks eat watermelon, most Irish are drunks and well... and here we are going through that same old loop. Let's not trouble our brains with subtle details. Just go for the stereotype.

But I understand. Only, if, I am to believe that all Republicans think racial jokes are cute and all Democrats play race cards like it was a parlor game.

So long as we keep responding in this way we're clinging to the cadaver of the past.

Even though a lot of the stuff passed around the Internet is not intended to be taken seriously, there those who do and that's the rub. Lighten up? Jeez. Get a grip. Racist jokes and stereotypes shouldn't be tolerated. Period.

And George was more than right when he wrote, "You damn well better hope that more and more leaders like Barack Obama emerge from the primordial urban soup. We’re gonna need ‘em."

And their age, race, nationality, sexual preference, handicaps, political affiliation, etc. cannot be an issue. They are either part of the solution or part of the problem. That's the bottom line. --Ira

Anonymous said...

George, that would be fork knockers. We knock the libs who too often speak with forked tongues.----Oh crap! was that racist remark about American indians.------- Goose

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