Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Good riddance, George Bush

For me, this is the hard part. I’m still so angry at the abuses heaped upon our country by Karl Rove, Dick Cheney and George Bush that I want to lash out. I want payback.

In his inaugural speech yesterday, President Obama was surprisingly stern. Probably because we’re in for a rough ride trying to repair the messes Bush left in America, and throughout the world. These past eight years didn’t fly by. They struggled, weighted down with lies, chicanery and criminal disregard for the Constitution.

I have no respect for George Bush. For the office, yes. For the man, none.

Already, revisionists have begun ham-handed attempts to burnish the Bush image. But you cannot spit-polish a record like his.

All day I wrestled with trying to stay positive. I simply cannot stand silent while such incompetence, such rancor, such divisiveness slides into history. Not yet, I can’t.

Even the GOP faithful are peeling away from him. Because of Bush, the Republican Party is now little more than a regional (southern) group of old white guys without much future. George Bush may have left the building, but not soon enough.

Get over it? We’ll spend decades getting over it.


Max Fischer said...

Dick Cheney in a wheelchair. Sweet irony and lucsious metaphor.

Ken Martin said...

Rebecca and I were at an inauguration party in Central Austin hosted by our liberal friends and filled with celebration. One guest, whose significant other had taken his eight-year-old grandson and another lad to D.C. for the inauguration, told me he called her and said when Bush's helicopter lifted off, the crowd gave him a one-fingered salute. To my mind that was a fitting sendoff.

The South Plainsman said...

Who are you guys going to take it out on now that Bush is gone?

You will all now have to get a life.


George Phenix said...

I don't think you conservative types fully understand how deep this feeling runs throughout the majority of Americans.

Anonymous said...

Wow!! If Bush,Cheney and Rove had the personalities and character of Reid,Pelosi,and Feinstein we would really be in trouble.Those last three are without character and any degree of honesty.
This is one of those cases where theleading Democrat has the personality of a grub worm,and are just as likable.
You say we don't understand that the nation is against Bush and his cronies and that the feeling is felt by a majority of Americans. Could be,could be! But since the majority of congress is Democrat and congress is way down the ladder under the Republican leaders,there is little room to feel the disgust,
As far as the Constitution goes,I'll be more than happy to debate the subject as to who stands where on the Constitution,any where any time. You can have whoever you want to as your backup. I'll take the South Plainsman as mine..Don't let me just hang there SP. Say something---Goose

JohnSBoles said...

If Iraq maintains a stable government, with free elections in a recognizable democratic state, for five years after our good soldiers are home, I will apologize for all I have said and thought about W.

All of them. The clock doesn't begin until they are all home.

Max Fischer said...

SP asked, "Who are you guys going to take it out on now that Bush is gone?"...

Well, let's see. I suppose we'll keep blaming Bush as long as it takes to turn this thing around. We blamed Hoover until FDR saved capitalism, and we complained about Bush 41 until Clinton ushered in the turbo prosperity of the 90's. History is on our side. That old Chicago grad school "supply-side-trickle-down-economy" nonsense has been tried and failed a few times. It's always the Democrats that sweep up the mess. Yes we can - and will - again.

Anonymous said...

S.P., Who are going to take it out on now that Bush is gone?

For war crimes: Alberto Gonzales, Dick Cheney, Rumsfeld, Ashcroft and, yes, Bush. They have all committed criminal acts. And let's not forget Black Water and Haliburton. They too need to face prosecution.

The Geneve Convention, the RICO Act, and criminal conspiracy laws are there for a reason. No one should be above the law or beyond the reach of justice.

Goose,I have no use for Reid and Pelosie either. But I doubt they have violated any laws. How you can question their character and honesty without a word against those I mentioned above stretches credulity to the breaking point.

Finally, as to where Bush stood on the Constitution... he used it as a doormat. --Ira

Anonymous said...

I didn't take my eyes off the television until I saw that helicopter leave the Capitol, in case Cheney had figured out a coup.


Anonymous said...

A reminder for all those who bad mouth Obama, they should be reminded that Bush is the reason Obama is in the White House.

Anonymous said...

Nobody hates like a liberal.

I wonder how long it will take before Obama has one of his Chicago thugs put Windbag Biden out of his misery. What a joke that guy is. Every time he opens his yap you can practically see smoke coming out of Obummer's ears.

Watching Obama try and act presidential is like watching a really bad high school performance of 'Oklahoma.' Tedious and not at all believable.

I can't wait to see how he reacts, or should I say fails to react, once something significant happens either on our soil or in Israel. Paralysis by analysis is my prediction.

And if our economy is bad now, thanks in large part to Frank, Dodd, Pelosi and the likes of Obama and his well-intended moron Dems, wait until this time next year. And you bozos will still be blaming Bush because it's so damn easy.

We're stuck with Obama for the next four years. Let's try and make it as painless and civil as possible. So far, your blog is coming up short in the civil dept.

And no need to worry about Palin, our current political climate makes it not at all desirable for people who actually have character and integrity to stick around for long. Here's to hoping she's on to bigger and better things than being a liberal media punching bag.

Nobody hates like a liberal.

Anonymous said...

And as for decades getting over something? It has taken a lot longer than mere 'decades' to get over FDR'S lamebrain New Deal welfare program. And don't get me started on Clinton!!! That jackass did absolutely nothing to stimulate the economy other than wisely move out of the way so that Gingrich could push through welfare reform and his contract w/America. Clinton may just go down in history as one our country's biggest disgraces. And if you want to play the what if game, we never would have had George W. Bush IF Clinton had an ounce of libido discipline. Gore should have won in a landslide, but once he had to separate himself from the stench of Bill and Hillary and Monica, well, the rest is truly history. And now we get Obama. The joke ultimately is on the American people for taking so damn much for granted. When rhetoric as simplistic and Mao like as 'Yes We Can' wins the day, we all need to turn off American Idol and start digging bunkers.

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