Thursday, January 22, 2009

Sarah Palin, author

Sarah Palin is shopping a book deal? (Click here.)

However, it could be a TV deal. Or both. Apparently she has engaged the help of topgun Washington lawyer Robert Barnett, who has brokered books and TV jobs for some of Washington’s brightest stars including Obama and the Clintons as well as Brian Williams and Neal Cavuto. The man is a heavyweight.

Palin reportedly is asking $11 million bucks. Audacious. By comparison, Laura Bush only got $2 million. I think Hillary got $8 million. Ka-ching.
I love it.

If the book thing is too hard, Palin could always fall back on her degree in television.

Either way, we win. The Republican hardcore will continue to keep her hopes alive, not understanding their party really, really needs a make-over. The more exposure Palin gets the deeper her problems become as her true self emerges. Remember: only Sarah Palin can make George Bush look slick. Frankly, I hope she is at the top of the GOP ticket four years from now.

This is going to be so much fun.

One question: Isn’t there a rule that you have to read a book before you write one?


Jeff Hebert said...

Looking at the number of books by professional athletes on the shelf, I'd have to say no, having read at least one book in the past is no barrier to writing one yourself.

Ken Martin said...

Who says any celebrity writes a book? That's what ghost writers are for.

sph said...

We both laughed out loud on this one! Amazing what one little wire did - you are definitely back in the groove.

s.l.d. said...

I am pretty sure if Paris Hilton can have a book ("Confessions of an Heiress") then Palin can. I bet even Paris' chihuahua had a book deal.

Sigh. So unfair.


Anonymous said...

Ah, so much to look forward to...a rumored book by W and now a book by Governor Palin. Has Palin ever read a book? I don't know, but we all know W read that great tome My Favorite Goat.

The South Plainsman said...

I rather suspect that, like the others mentioned, she will have a great deal of help from a ghost. Should be an interesting book. There's a lot of widlife in Alaska.

Since she came to the public eye I have been trying to think of who she reminds me of...her speaking style, and such.

I realize now that it reminds me of Ann Richards. Kind of funny since their politics were poles apart.

Anonymous said...

Can not wait for two of the future literary giants work to hit the bookstores: Sarah Palin and George W.....Notice how the conservatives are more than ready to attack anything of substance these days? Do they really care for the people of this country? Bill

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