Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Surgery and snake oil

Hiatus ahead. Starting tomorrow.

Long story. Tomorrow I have surgery to replace one of the wires on my new pacemaker/defibrillator. Normally, this is a routine procedure and I should go home in the afternoon. But there may not be enough tissue to thread the needle. If that’s the situation, a different surgeon comes in the next day to insert another fish hook wire into my heart.

This marks my sixth surgery in three years. That should qualify me for a volume discount. Or frequent flyer miles.

The Mystery Woman has had to endure four surgeries with me since we re-upped.I told her I was a geezer hunk. But I failed to mention it was going to be one hunk at a time.

Segue alert goes here.

During my absence, I hope you can amuse yourself by watching the U.S. Senate caterwaul over whether to seat the new guy from Illinois. Pure Barnum and Bailey. No wonder the public has such a minimum of high regard for members of Congress.

My recommendation to Sen. Harry Reid: cut the crap. Seat the fellow. Let the courts shake it out. But get about solving the huge economic problems festering in our nation.

Fix Wall Street. Fix housing. Fix the credit industry. Fix the banks. Fix the car makers. Fix the wars. Fix our constitutional rights. Fix the !!!***####!! wrong-headed bailouts.

These are much, much more important than the junior senator from Illinois.

That’s all for the moment. Hope to return in a couple of days.


Jeff Hebert said...

Ask Congressional Democrats to use their Constitutional powers responsibly for oversight and leadership while the Republican President violates US and international law, or to stop torture, or to stop illegal wiretapping, or to stop a war, and you're SOL, they're spineless.

Ask Congressional Democrats to use their Constitutional powers to trash another Democrat over something as stupid as this, and it's full speed ahead, all guns a-blazin'!

The Reagan Rule was "Speak no ill of fellow Republicans." The Democrats Rule seems to be "Speak nothing BUT ill of fellow Democrats." Unreal.

Max Fischer said...

FIX that pesky re-wire on the geezers beater so he can forge a swift hop back on the saddle. The musings wish you a speeding recovery, George.

Ken Martin said...

George, I hope the surgery goes quickly and easily and no new fish hooks (ghastly term, that, when speaking of a human heart) are needed. Your writing just keeps getting better and better and I'll miss your time out, however well deserved.

Anonymous said...

The Democrats have never used their Constitutional powers responsibly.It's amazing how quick one quickly forgets their parties total screwups.
As for your George;just get well and back to work.------Goose

sph said...

You have such a BIG heart it just needs more adaptations than the average run-of-the-mill heart to keep up with your level of caring so much.

We will be there in the mornin' if the creek don't rise (and since the creek is currently bone dry, that shouldn't be a problem).

Congressional shenanigans both state and national are embarrassing. I cringe when trying to listen so I don’t listen. I wait for BLOGGERS like you to tell me stuff. So, hurry back or I’ll be uninformed.

Anonymous said...

No, the most important thing that needs fixing is YOU. These other items can wait a while. Good Luck!!!

The South Plainsman said...

Had to work some today, so am late.

Best wishes on the fixup.

Don't hold your breath until the rest of that stuff is fixed. Most of it only time will take care of, and the more bailouts, etc., the longer it will take.

Of course they should seat the new guy from Illinois. He was not connected to any of the alleged wrongdoing, and is not otherwise disqualified. The Constitution requires that he be seated, Harry Reid to the contrary notwithstanding.

Anonymous said...

God speed and good luck on your recovery. Will check on your progress. -- Denise

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