Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Do liberals pay taxes?

I was getting a little steamed. “What’s with those rich liberals Obama keeps picking for his cabinet? Why won’t they pay their taxes? What do they know that we don’t know? “Well,” the Mystery Woman deadpanned, “They don’t get the bonuses.”

Wait ‘till after lunch to read this next bit. It’s revolting. Today, I champion the cause of the turkey vulture. Unlike eagles and hawks, vultures wait a couple of days until the varmint’s soul has truly departed. (It says so in Slate.) And that’s where the public slander begins. The big birds are ugly. They can’t sing – unless you count hisses, grunts and rattles. But they do a great job. Would you rather have putrefying carcasses or nice, clean bones lying around?

The Pueblo people enjoyed liquid chocolate in early New Mexico even though they lived more than 1,200 miles from the nearest cacao trees. Yup. Yup. Trade routes. We know that the Maya were dipping into chocolate as early as 600 B.C. And we can date the chocolate residue in shards of drinking pots and pitchers from 1000 to 1125.

Media critic Nicholas Carlson says it costs the NY Times twice as much to print and deliver the newspaper as it would if they just gave every subscriber the new Amazon Kindle. If not the Kindle, no matter. The technology is there. And newsprint is inefficient in this e-age.


Escaped Waco Alive said...

"[N]ewsprint is inefficient." Gee, George. For that matter democracy is inefficient compared to autocracy. Spending large sums of capital keeping old people alive past age 55 is inefficient (just ask any of my 18-21 year old students). Books are inefficient (according to Kindle-lovers.) While I understand that Nazi Germany was the most efficient government of the 20th century, I do not, however, approve of it.

Efficiency is not necessarily at the top of my list of values. I'll keep my books, my old folks (I turn 56 next month so that's rather self-serving, I admit), my democracy, and my newspapers. Maybe not the most efficient position, but I prefer to savor the intrinsic worth of these things of value "in this e-age."

[Speaking of efficiency, the blog site ate my original comment and I had to re-write what originally was a truly profound statement in a state of frustration thanks to the "efficiency" of this e-age tool. But we take the good with the bad, I suppose.]

Laura Burns said...

Those Pueblos, Mayas, Aztecs all drank their chocolate straight. The Spanish had the idea of adding milk and sugar, which was a good one.

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