Friday, February 6, 2009

The end is near! That's entertainment.

Income redistribution, the bogey man stand-in for fears of socialism, is alive and growing. The impetus comes not only from the government but the Internet as well. That’s right. Broadband connectivity is allowing white collar, right wing financial consultants, et al, to enjoy a second office in their vacation homes be it a condo on the beach or a mountain chalet. Jobs, if you still have one, are getting more mobile. Some lucky professionals can now work and live where they play. Ultimately, rural communities will benefit as working away takes on new meaning.

Lyndon Johnson and Richard Nixon inspired stage satires cast in the mold of Shakespearean and Greek tragedies. George Bush gets the comedy of ineptitude. See “You’re Welcome America” with Will Ferrell. It’s a benchmark of sorts.

Oh crap. The Mayans and the Hopi predict some bad stuff is coming down in 2012. I mean, the world might end. Armageddon? It is written, grasshopper, that 2012 will be Sarah Palin's year.

Now for some good news. Twinkies have/has emerged from bankruptcy. They survived the Great Depression and the Atkins diet, too. Ding Dongs now roam throughout the land. Not just in Washington.

Val Kilmer is considering a run for governor of New Mexico. Here's a list of other actors, singers, dancers who have served their higher calling:

  • George Murphy was a famous film actor turned California state senator.
  • Ronald Reagan, film actor, California governor then president.
  • Arnold Schwarzenegger, film actor, now California governor.
  • Sheila Kuehl was a famous TV star in the 50s
  • Dobie Gillis became a California state senator.
  • Shirley Temple (Black) became an ambassador.
  • Clint Eastwood became mayor of Carmel, California.
  • Sonny Bono, technically a singer but did some TV and film, became mayor of Palm Springs.
  • Jarosław and Lech Kaczyński, prime minister and president of Poland respectively, starred in the film The Two Who Stole the Moon
  • Glenda Jackson became a member of British Parliament.
  • And going backwards, Jerry Springer was a mayor first, then became talk show host.

Anybody else?


Ken Martin said...

Bono was elected to the U.S. House of Representatives in 1994.

Max Fischer said...

Fred Grandy was elected to Congress in 1986 (Iowa). He played "Gopher" on THE LOVE BOAT

Max Fischer said...

Jesse "The Body" Ventura, while initially gaining acclaim on the pro wrestling circus, er, I mean, CIRCUIT, had numerous acting credits under his belt by the time he was elected governor of Minnesota in 1998.

Ross said...

You left out Pappy Lee O'Daniel! And California would have been better off with Maynard G. Krebs...

Anonymous said...

Mussolini was a fledgling screenwriter.

The South Plainsman said...

Don't think you will really have a lot to worry about from Palin in 2012.

And Rowdy has gotten to old to be a threat, either.

Maybe somebody will show up that will really do what he/she says they will do.

JohnSBoles said...

Another backwards, politician to actor Fred Thompson.

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