Monday, February 23, 2009

A Greek walks into a bar ...

Let me tell you a question: if our government can pass a do-not-call list and make it stick, why can’t they also pass a do-not-spam law? Seriously.

Several news organizations and newspapers are considering locking up online content unless you pay to subscribe. Whoa. A gate-keeper would impede prying electronic aggregators. But…but, bloggers get most of their fodder from newspapers. Could this be the end of blogging as we know it?

Cooking. It’s humanity’s killer app. No society is without it. And no human brain can run long without it either. Cooking. The underpinning for the evolutionary changes that made people out of humans. Cooking. Who knew?

Greeks didn’t invent jokes. But they were likely the first society to catalogue humor. The Philogelos is a compilation of 260 gags that was put together around 4 AD. Targets haven’t changed much over the centuries. The ancients joked about doctors, men with bad breath, eunuchs, barbers, men with hernias, bald men, shady fortune-tellers, and more of the colorful (mostly male) characters of early life.

Stop me if you’ve heard this old Greek joke: Doctor, the patient said, when I get up in the morning I feel dizzy for 20 minutes. Get up 20 minutes later then, the doctor replied.


Ken Martin said...

Yes, it will be a sad day when newspapers make us pay to get content online. Most any newspaper now has a web site with at least some of its content available gratis. But one newspaper in Central Texas doesn't. That would be the Williamson County Sun, based in Georgetown.

At a reunion of some of the Sun staffers from the 1980s, including me, I heard that the reason the Sun doesn't have a web site is because of fears that a web site would erode the subscription base. Who knows, maybe they're on to something. This strategy may work for a small town paper, but larger publications...maybe not.

Anonymous said...

Since when did the government pass a do no call program that they stood behind??
If the Avalanche Journal and the Star Telegram started charging for on line use,I won't know what the heck ios going on every day,except for the internet and television.
I'm strongly considering starting a blog for conservatives. From all the whining I have heard from liberals about a radio noise equalization act,I think this might be a good thing.I know my son in Clovis N.M. have said that he and his wife would try to read it every now and then.
First subject: ' Will the real Mystery Lady stand up'.The biggest mystery is why she has put up with George for so long.
Well time to rest my weary brain.

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