Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Guns, bullet shortages

Momentous news: Sarah Palin is 45 today. And at least two Hollywood outfits are thinking of making a movie of her run for Veep. Read the book. Rent the movie. Wardrobe. Make-up. Been there. Done that.

Unsettling news: in Florida, gun shops report bullets are on back order. They can’t get enough to meet demand. Nationwide, assault rifles are also in short supply. Whassup?

Quibble news: I don’t favor President Obama’s kind of press conference. The old reporter in me wants more give and take, more spontaneity. So does the young reporter. His was too controlled. Short term, he needed to focus the economic message and I’ll grant him that. But long term, it won’t work. By pre-selecting which reporters to call on, that set up the remaining reporters to look like window dressing. As much as I liked his press spokesman during the campaign (he handed Sean Hannity his butt), the guy is miscast as the White House press secretary. He makes Scott McClellan look good.

Tax news: We’ve been told the richest Americans pay the most taxes. Hmmm. The top 400 paid more than $18 billion in federal income taxes for 2006. Compare that with the nearly $1 trillion paid for all other taxpayers the same period.

Not really news: Remember a couple of years ago when people stopped selling chinchillas and emus and started peddling everything else on Ebay? Some made six-figure incomes. Nowadays, amateurs are making big money via videos on YouTube.


The South Plainsman said...

Whassup? Guns and ammunition are hot items all over the country. The "good ole boys" are voting again with their pocket books. So are the "good ole gals."

I suspect that will continue, particularly given the economic situation and the failure so far of Obama to generate confidence outside the left.

For carrying, I recommend a Glock P-26 9mm compact semi-automatic pistol, with several clips.


George Phenix said...

Thanks, but the Mystery Woman prefers the Walther PPK.

Anonymous said...

Give Obama credit for including the HuffingtonPost reporter. I think he looked very uncomfortable at his first press conference. I hope that's because it wasn't his idea to call on the usual suspects from the mainstream media--someone convinced him he had to make nice. The mainstream media is very threatened by him. They are part of what he says needs to change in Washington.


Anonymous said...

I personally prefer the wheel gun ( revolver to the gun smart media) to the semi-auto assault weapon(pistol). I don't have to worry about the semi, smokestacking or slam firing. You probably wouldn't experience this, but why take the chance. Semis are referred to as pray and spray. You can't rely on the FBI or BATF to help you because they are less gun savvy than my 6 year old grandson.
The cases that have been thrown out of court because of their ineptitude boggles the mind.
As far as Obama's press ordeal, I personally thought he stunk.--Goose

The South Plainsman said...

Now come on, Goose. The neat little Glock is nice and compact, and conceals very easily. And I can hit what I shoot at. I do have a S&W .38 Special revolver, but its too bulky to carry. Used to shoot kackrabbits with it when I had my ranch.

As for the press conference and Obama so far, I have to agree with Kathleen Parker (which is a very rare occurrence), and say: "So far, amateur hour." (

He is going to let the Congress persons from his own party destroy his presidency if he doesn't take a deep breath and get back on his feet, and assert himself in the manner promised during the campaign.

Anonymous said...

There was a rumor floating around these parts that when the Obama presidency was in place, they would enact a law that would track ammunition -- who bought it, where, etc. -- and if it was used in a robbery, murder, etc., they'd be able to trace it. Now whether or not it's true or even possible, I don't know. What I do know from an employee at our local sporting goods stores was that right after the election, they couldn't keep ammo on the shelves. -- Denise

Anonymous said...

I've read lots of stuff lately about guns, bullets & gold. Yea, it sounds like everyone is scared about something. That's okay. Paranoia is a good thing if you have a real focus on what you're preparing, The... What? Total collapse? Then what? What will you do with a Glock? Rob your neighbor?

I'll stick with seeds and a good sized garden. And a shotgun to scare the living s--- out of any, but very unlikely, intruder. And after that I'll rely in a fishing pole and a 22 for what I truly need if things gets truly desperate.

I don't think anyone (and I mean sane folks) are really going to have the temperament and focus it takes to really shoot someone with a hand gun.

I know how to use them -- yes I practice -- but I wouldn't rely on that in a tight spot.

So, just in case you lost most of your investments up till now, why not invest in the arms industry? Just remember, Karma can be a bitch. --Ira

George Phenix said...

Sad. I think this bullet shortage is pure nonsense.

There is an undercurrent running through America that is truly sad. I am sorry so many seem to buy into it.

The end result brought by eight years of the politics of fear.


Anonymous said...

Now you have to blame Bush for 8 years of fear. I believe it's Obama who has loaded his own gang of "gun fear',snd that's why the majority of the gun owners are buying up ammo and guns.His illustrious Attorney General has openly stated that he would disarm the citizens their so called assault weapons. An assault weapon to the anti-gun group is anything that will fire more than one shot before it's reloaded.The only difference between an AK47 and your dad's semi-auto 30-06 is that the AK looks funny. The amount of completely auto AK's in the U.S. is very very small.
As for 'loading up' on ammunition,my son, grandson,and I went through over 500 rounds at the range in about 3 hours

Anonymous said...

P.S. The definition of an 'assault' weapon is a fully automatic gun not a semi-auto.

Max Fischer said...

I love that old Chris Rock bit about his plan to lower gun violence. Charge several thousand dollars for each bullet. Not a bad idea.

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