Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Life -- that's entertainment

If you said 400 years, you would be correct. For 400 years singers have been mounting the stage and the groupies to give us music. Opera, my favorite, remains the most unchanged. Sappy stories, exaggerated footsteps, and you just know somebody is going to die. Four hundred years. Don’t touch that dial. Screw Twitter.

Although opera hasn’t changed that much, the venue has. The Metropolitan Opera is transmitting live opera to movie houses worldwide. Not without dissent. Critics fear fat lady’s hefty set of pipes will be replaced with emphasis on appearance. So it has always been. Ever since Orpheus charmed the gods in Hades.

Sita Sings the Blues. Whew. Where to begin? This 82-minute animated film combines a 3,000 year-old Sanskrit singer, Betty Boop, a jazz singer from the 20’s, and shadow puppets. Did I mention the ex hubby who divorced his wife by email? Sounds like trouble, huh. But the ex-hubby cad declared it tasteful. Film critics love it. Available free on-line next month. Watch for it. But don’t get any ideas.

In his first movie role (The Silver Chalice) Paul Newman stunk so bad he had to wait two years before getting another role. But his career took off when he got his second chance replacing the deceased James Dean in the Rocky Graziano biopic Somebody Up There Likes Me. And we’ve liked him ever since.

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Anonymous said...

How right you are! I used to listen and watch the 'Grand Old Opry' every week. Sanging never got any better.I guess Minnie Pearl was the 'fat lady' 'cause I shore wouldn't think the show was complete without her melodious voice.
Of course I sit back and remember the good ole popcorn with extra butter from the Lindsey,Clifton and Broadway movie houses. semms like only 60 or 70 years ago.--Goose

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