Monday, February 9, 2009

Stimulus for the people, not the banks

Amazing. Obama has been president for less than a month and the liberal columnists are already raising hell with the guy. This could be the shortest presidential honeymoon in history. Or should I say “was.”

Perception. Spin. Partisan. And the Republicans are smarter at spin. Have been for years. They frame their fight as being more with Democrats in Congress than with Obama. Congress has a lower approval rating although Obama's is dropping.

Obama is having a tough time living up to his campaign rhetoric and he seems deaf to the people's uproar throughout the land. I hope it is just a slip as his new team struggles for traction.

No more politics of the past. We are in too much trouble to waste time. We need solutions. Fix it. Stop giving away billions to the Wall Street bankers who forgot about the rest of us.

You want a real stimulus package? Forget the banks. Send the money directly to the people. Send every man, woman and child a couple hundred grand and stand back.

The banks won’t spend it; the people will.


Jeff Hebert said...

George said:
Perception. Spin. Partisan. And the Republicans are smarter at spin. Have been for years. They frame their fight as being more with Democrats in Congress than with Obama. Congress has a lower approval rating although Obama's is dropping.

As the latest Gallup poll shows, Obama is getting higher approval now on the economy than he did before taking office; Congressional Democrats also get good marks; and Republicans are getting hammered.

Quoting the story:

The bad news is, throughout the debate over an economic stimulus plan, Republican voices have been the most prominent. The good news is, the GOP's talking points have been widely heard, but apparently haven't been persuasive.

A new Gallup poll asked respondents about the government's efforts to pass a stimulus package. President Obama enjoys strong support; a plurality approve of congressional Democrats, while 58% disapprove of the way in which congressional Republicans have handled the issue.

I will leave it as an exercise for the reader as to why our So Called Liberal Media has mostly featured Republicans talking about all this.

The South Plainsman said...

One needs to take a deep breath about all of this. I think we all agree that we need a stimulus. That is not the point.

We need one that will work.

The Congressional Budget Office, which is a totally Democratic crature these days, says the one on the table won't provide any stimulus this year, and that much of it will come after 2010. They also say that over several years, it will do more harm than good.

The only new employment in the Pelosi proposal will be a few thousand government jobs. At a cost of an increase in the national debt of $820 billion dollars.

Not good. Obama's mistake here was to let Pelosi write the bill. It got loaded up with a wish list instead of a stimulus.

But don't believe me, read the CBO report.

Jeff Hebert said...

You're running off of last week's talking points memo there, SP. The CBO report you're talking about wasn't actually a report, it was a preliminary analysis of something like 20% of the plan. Once the entire thing was done, they ran an actual report on the entire amount, and the story was quite different.

Per Matt Yglesias:

With the whole thing done, it seems that two thirds of the funds will flow within 18 months of enacting the plan. Of course it’s true that 100 percent would be better. And even truer that if we had passed a stimulus plan back last September rather than experiencing months of delay thanks to conservative intransigence this problem wouldn’t be so severe.

Anonymous said...

Excuse me!! where have you Libs been sleeping it off. The Republicans can't hold a candle to the Democrats when it comes to 'spin'. The masters of spin really came to life before the spinner of all spinners,Clinton, took office. I have never heard so much garbage in my innocent little life.
The only time we heard the word spin before that was in reference to a carnival ride.
I'm just wondering how many morons fall for the economic stimulus plan as it comes to fruition.
I love the part that Daschel wrote (with the help of Pelosi)regarding the health plan for the older citizens. You know, the part that spells out that if the Government decides that a particular treatment is too expensive, the Dr. will (a)do it for free,(b)tell the patient to go home and lie
down and die,or (c)reach in to his bag of tricks and offer a solution to the patient to come up with the necessary cash by selling his first born male.
Not all Republicans are fighting the congress before Obama. There are some who know that the Dems want Obama to have his 100 day honeymoon,but if he keeps going as he is, he has honymooned too long already.---Goose

Max Fischer said...

There is an obvious credibility issue that Republicans have about fiscal prudence. With that, the "trickle-down/supply-side" economic theory that they hang their hats on has been tried and failed a few times since it was spawned from a Chicago business school decades ago. It's impossible to take any of their rhetoric seriously. Do we laugh or cry?

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