Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Thank you, Mr. President

It wasn’t a fair fight. Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal is a nice boy. But President Barack Obama is a full grown man.

Even conservatives describe Jindal as coming across like a high school senior at the podium. And, in fairness, that’s part of the problem. The loyal opposition’s response is in a room filled with lights, cameras, and staff. Not much audience bounce-back there. Regardless, Jindal is no Sarah Palin. She may not know much, but she can sure deliver a speech.

It is painfully more obvious each passing day that Republicans need to re-think their brand. Shake hands. Stop the politics of hate, the politics of fear. For eight years too many people played dumb alongside George Bush. No more.

Besides, President Obama has more important things to deal with than just politics. To be sure, politics underscores everything in Washington. The president has to rein in the lobby for the Four Horsemen: the economy, education, energy and health care. And his speech was a good start. One of the better budget speeches ever.

Equally important, the President gave the nation a little lift. These are tough, tough times and we need a little hope.

Even after the president’s speech, America is still angry. Mad as hell about the bail-outs for banks and squat for the people.

I’m still mad. But not as mad. Thank you, Mr. President.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for what?

1. His plan to cut the military down like Clinton and Carter did.

2. His plan to destroy American Agriculture.

3. His plan to nationalize Health Care.

4. His plan to cozy up to Iran and Syria at the expense of Israel.

You guys better wake up and see the danger to our way of life if he gets what he wants.


JohnSBoles said...

1. Pay raises and better care for veterans then reconsidering weapons systems that may be useless in the nonlinear battlefield of today seem to have merit.

2. Reducing or deleting the checks to ADM and Conagra seems a good idea.

3. We pay for healthcare for all already. Why not do so with a plan?

4. At some point the west will have to assist in the resolution of Arab and Isreali issues. It is unlikely that a Judeo/Christian war on Islam is the answer.

Anonymous said...

Bravo, Dad!!! Well said. That gov from LA looked VERY stiff and nervous and I didn't agree with a word he said. annie

Anonymous said...

Wow,Lee must be one of those ultra-right conservates that Bobby-boy was adressing. Come out of the cave, fire has been discovered.
The far right doesn't seem to get it that Bush is the reason for Obama.

The South Plainsman said...

Two things and I will shut up for this one.

1. The Devil is in the details.

2. Who is going to pay for all of this?

Anonymous said...

I heard three things last night that were taken to the heart. (1)Let's spend more money.(2) You are too stupid to take care of yourselves.(3)here is no pork in this legislation!!!! This from our illustrious President, Barack Hussein Obama. Saviour of all America.
Lee, you tell it like it is, not the fairy tale Liberal tripe.----

George Phenix said...

Die-hard Republicans don't know they are a dying breed, limited to southern states. Shrinking in numbers. They need a new messenger and a new message but are too hide-bound to let that truth sink in.

First step for both sides: stop hating. As President Obama said, "we are all Americans."

Now act like it.

Anonymous said...

wow, some repubs here are actually thinking their way of the last screwed up 8 years were better than what Obama can do? When will repubs see that the heads of the GOPS are every bit the same as the greedy heads of now bankrupt investor firms and banks: they don't care about working class or even America. they care about money and getting more of it for them and their friends.

Anonymous said...

I don't know who the 'die hard Republicans' are. Now if you're referring to a diehard conservative,then I plead guilty. The thinking of today's liberals is exactly what the forefathers were afraid would occur.--Goose

sph said...
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