Thursday, February 26, 2009

You can't conjugate "friend"

Microblogging? Social media? Twitter? Typing with your thumbs? Not a clue, huh? No wonder. That stuff wasn’t designed for us. Social networking services tend create user clusters around 25 years old. Drop-off gets pretty steep at 35 and beyond. That’s conventional wisdom.

But Forrester Research finds that more than 60 percent of baby boomers are avid consumers of social media like blogs, forums, podcasts and online videos. If you are reading this, you’re on the run from antiquity. Click.

Breaking news: last summer, the Google search engines dutifully logged on the one trillionth Web page address. One trillion! But that big number may be only a fraction of what’s actually on the Web. We won’t know until their engineers decode the way to locate all the hidden data in financial information, shopping catalogues, flight schedules, medical research … you get the idea. The spiders can’t yet penetrate the millions of databases that clot the “Deep Web.” But it’s coming.

My biggest complaint about the e-world? The hatchet job on the language. Dammit, "friend" is not a verb. Not with the lights on.

How many blogs exist? About 130 million. I don't know why. But I do know that blogs are good way for geezers to keep their heads in the game. You should give it a go.


Anonymous said...

Friend is an adverb or a noun. Right??I'm thinking about a blog,but I have a problem getting started.Why are there so many blogs when we just need a few.If I do get involved with a blog,I expect that most of the competition will fall by the wayside.
Oh well I can brainstorm with just about anybody if they will give me a headstart.--- Goose

The South Plainsman said...

I tried to invite you to Facebook, but it says your email is not valid. So I invited the Mystery Woman. Have not heard from her yet.

Its kind of fun socializing online.

Anonymous said...

South Plainsman- George's e-mail is not valid because there is actually no one named George Phenix. He is a figment of everyone's imagination.
Mystery Woman hasn't replied because she has fallen into the trap of someone or something named George Phenix-- Goose

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