Monday, March 2, 2009

Rush Limbaugh, marketing genius at CPAC

The best way to take in a Rush Limbaugh speech is with the sound off. Seriously. Go to YouTube and view his CPAC presentation.

With no sound, no bombast, no bluster to jar your senses, you can measure Limbaugh by the anger in his eyes, the anger in his jaw line and in the trajectory of the spittle as his angry words fly out of his mouth. He clinches his teeth; he clinches his fists. His face gets red and wet with perspiration. His rant goes on and on -- an hour over the time alloted. Yet, he knows what he is doing. He's getting rich off red meat.

You get the uneasy feeling that you’ve seen this anger before.

Of course you have. In the WW II silent newsreels.

Hitler. Mussolini.



Anonymous said...

Maybe he's off his meds. --Ira

Anonymous said...

I'd rather listen to Rush than watch O'Bama as he takes us down the path to Socialism or worse.


George Phenix said...

There is little hope for healing this nation while Limbaugh keeps spewing his hateful comments. He makes things worse, not better. And he is the defacto spokesman for the hard right wing of the Republican party. Shameful void of leadership, ideas.

Your bilge pumps aren't working.

The South Plainsman said...

Seems like folks on both sides get a little hateful. I guess one side could trade you Rush, Hannity, Beck and a few others for Kos, the MoveOn bunch, Hollywood, and San Francisco, and a bunch of others. Shut them all up. That would be fine with me.

Of course, there IS that little thing called the First Amendment.

JohnSBoles said...

Those who would be informed, even led by Rush are a distinct minority just as those who would be led and informed by say, Michael Moore. Yes, Hitler and Mussolini were real. There may be others like them some day. I think History shows that the lunatic fringe of the right or the left fails, finally. Why are some so frightened of the Center?

Anonymous said...

God ALMIGHTY!!! I was on the elliptical trainer at the health club the day he made that speech and I thought the same EXACT thing. Did you see the looks on the faces of the people there..especially the YOUNG people? I swear to God, George, I thought I was watching the Hitler youth. This guy promises hate-based everything..and yet, if you notice headlines, he blames OBAMA for instilling hate in people. In the study of psychology we call this transference by mirroring...He is a MASTER at working uninformed baboons. Mike

Anonymous said...

Sure Rush is angry. Obama has started from day one to lie to the people.
I hear people every day that voted for Obama that wish they had not done so.
Until and if the liberals ever take the side of the people,the people will take sides against Obama.
The horrible 'initiative' that Obama and his followers have taken, will take the country right down the toilet.Nothing Bush did is as bad as this "new" approach to the financial mess that has occurred in the past days. This is not to say that Bush is totally innocent,but that more people believe Rush than they do the President or Congress.
I have heard more talk about insurrection than I want to hear. The people led a revolution called the Boston Tea,because of poor representation.
The socialist agenda brought on by the liberal Democrats is already causing discord among the populace.
People like Rush,Hannity,Ann Coulter,and others are trying to get the message out that we are not happy with the way things are going in Washington.
If there is any spewing of hate, it's the libs comparing any conservative as Hitler,Mussolini, or others.
The libs have accused the Bush Administration of tearing down the Constitution. I have yet to hear what part of the Constitution they are talking about.----Goose

JohnSBoles said...

Rush, Hannity, Coulter

Can someone please direct those who would be conservative to George Will, William Kristol and Cal Thomas. Gee, when did Newt become a voice of reason?

sph said...

Max Fischer, where are you? Please contribute when possible.

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