Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Rush Limbaugh squashes GOP chairman

Sure, mainstream media informed us that RNC chairman Michael Steele capitulated and kissed entertainer Rush Limbaugh’s fanny. But they failed to report on whether the chairman also kissed his ring. Few in the GOP can withstand the heat from the de facto leader of the Republicans. Most apologize the very next day. Let’s see if GOP Rep. Eric Cantor caves in. Cantor says he does not support Limbaugh in calling for President Obama’s economic policies to fail.

My CPA tells me that in retirement, I am not earning enough to need to file any income tax with the IRS. Does that mean I am destined to be a cabinet member? Hey, Mr.President, I want to be Secretary of Hollywood.

NASA calls it the first planetary census taker. “It”is a one-ton spacecraft called the Kepler, after a German astronomer who published planetary laws back in 1609. The modern rocket’s job will be to circle our Sun looking for other places where life is possible. Question: in view of today's economic melt-downs, do you persist in calling this living?

Researchers now believe some words have survived 15,000 years or more. These words: thou, I and who. Numbers endure because they are precise. They say nouns evolve more slowly than verbs, and verbs evolve more slowly than adjectives. Words that are used less frequently evolve more quickly than those that are common. Learn more about used words here.

First, we became the nicest apes before we became the smartest. Huh?

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