Monday, March 16, 2009

Stop giving AIG money

Nutty. The way the government is playing with the AIG piggy bank makes no sense. It was a stupid plan hatched in a hurry by Bush and Paulson and Bernanke, each of whom abandoned Main Street years ago to shill for Wall Street.

Stop giving AIG money. Sure, we have a contract. Break it. Critics are trying to break the blue collar union contracts in the auto industry. Break the white collar contracts, too.

Stop giving AIG money. Top management might leave without the bonus money. Gasp. Let them leave. In this economy, where are they going to go?

Stop giving AIG money. Top management is an oxymoron. These are the people who got us into this mess in the first place.

Stop giving AIG money. Instead of using American taxpayer money in America, they just shipped a lot of our tax dollars to banks in France. Wha?

Stop giving AIG money. Good money after bad.

Common sense. Try it.

(Note: bold face implies importance.)


Anonymous said...

I went to the AIG webpage. They have a "contact us" section. So I gave them a piece of my mind. It won't get to the higher ups but since everyone in that company seems to be clueless, I am least felt better for unloading.

I have to laugh when AIG says that they would get sued if they didn't pay. If AIG insists on a jury trial, I can't imagine how you could find 12 people in America that think the bonuses should be paid. And frankly, I can't figure out how you get a performance bonus for such a bad result. What possible performance standards could these people have met? I have to believe that somehow this system violates some sort of corporate management laws. Sharon

The South Plainsman said...


George Phenix said...

Obama expressed his outrage over the AG bonus payments:

Next question: will he take action or just try to jawbone?

Anonymous said...

I am furious over the plai by AIG to go ahead with bonus money. Poor babies,they're afraid they might get sued. I don't think that they have to worry since the ones getting the bonus,are the ones resposible in the first place.
Now for the real bummer;I didn't have Parkinson's before bush got into office,so I'll blame him for that too.----Goose

JohnSBoles said...

Sued? Have you heard Chuck Norris lately? I'd be surprised if one or more of the bonus givers and recipients didn't get shot.

Anonymous said...

I approve of this message: I have a substantial amount of money in AIG (at least substantial to me) BUT I would just as soon pull it and go somewhere else with it. Which I will suggest to my financial guytomorrow. Let GM go bankrupt. Bill

Anonymous said...

Maybe I shouldn't say this,but I've got a relative who works for GM in an assembly plant. two months ago they offered her a buyout of $150,000.00. She turned it down.nuff said.---Goose

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