Friday, April 24, 2009

Breaking news: Democrats are Capitalists!

Democrats in Texas are selling T-shirts with a big photo and this slogan: Texas GOP Class of ’09, Gov. Rick Perry, Most Likely to Secede.”

There’s a reason pirates wear gold earrings. The tradition dates back a couple hundred years to a time when all sailors has to be responsible for their own burial no matter which shore they washed upon. Hence…

I do believe that Obama won the presidency by just one vote: Oprah’s. That woman’s power is staggering. The day she signed up, Twitter use jumped 43%. When she announced her support for Obama, his support surged, too.

When I get depressed, I meander over to the neighborhood cafeteria, head straight for the dessert section and eat the points off as many pies as I can before they clap me in chains.

The manager of one of the most popular hamburger joints in New York City wears a suit. And for a mere nineteen bucks ($19), you can munch on a deli-cious Eastern Burger stacked with a lamb blend and slathered with yogurt sauce on flatbread. Traditionalists also like the beef patties, sesame bun, grilled onions and horse radish cheddar. I'm depressed again.


Anonymous said...

As you should be!!

Anonymous said...

What few times I've been to the Big Apple,I try to make it to Jan's Ice Cream Parlor. They make more types of icecream than anybody.
When you get inside,you will see the most bizarre eating vessels and utensils imaginable. After you read the menu,you'll kinda know what's in store. One of the craziest dishes(if I may call it a dish)is called the 'kitchen sink'.
It is served in a REAL kitchen sink and there are about 30 scoops of icecream dumped in to it.No two scoops are the same. I've never had one because when I see the price of one, I get really sick.
They will allow more than one person eat of the dish,but they pay $10 for the spoon to eat it with.
I just made myself sick.--Goose

Anonymous said...

woops! My spouse just informed me that there are 76 scoops. forgive me,buuurp.----Goose

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