Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Packing pistols, packing teabags

When they flashed the image on the TV news of a tea bag protester wearing a pistol on his hip – that’s where they lost me.

I was having a tough time anyway with the people dressed in clown costumes and colonial tri-cornered hats. Not my style.

But the pistol was chilling. Too much anger in the streets to be wearing a gun.

Damned stupid.


Anonymous said...

Them's fightin words, you pretend Texan.Now either draw or sip your tea.-- Goose

The South Plainsman said...

Where did this occur? My bet is that if it was in Texas, the guy with the tea bags was in law enforcement. In Texas, the gun would have been concealed unless he was a peace officer.

Lighten up. Obama's pal Bill Ayers and his crew carried bombs. lol

George Phenix said...

Lansing, Michigan. That's where this guy was packing. And there are a helluva lot more guys like him out there than Bill Ayers types.

More and more, I am becoming convinced this tea bag thing attracted largely a collection of fringe groups.

We'll see.

Anonymous said...

Fotunately none are the "Bill Ayers type" He has done more damage than all the tea protestors combined.
The 'tea parties' are a nice way of telling his majesty,Obama, that we are already fed up with him and his socialist,Marxist, plans for this country.
Oh yeah, I forgot to blame Bush for Obamas leap into never,never land.--Goose

The South Plainsman said...

I went to the tea party here yesterday, and my daughter went to the one in Ft. Worth. The other attendees were just ordinary Americans concerned about their country. Do not mistake them for the type of people that seem to always get violent during left wing protests.

If you look for them, you can find pictures of a lot of the events from around the country. You will not see fringe groups or anything remotely resembling the obnoxious and rude demonstrations that one sees with leftist protests.

There is one thing that liberals should be concerned about. These folks realize that the country is in great trouble, and they are trying to start a political movement to effect the kind of change that will help us get out of the situation we find ourselves in.

So if you love deficit spending and big government, you should be very concerned.

sph said...

I am so concerned because when I said, "no, war in Iraq is the wrong answer" I was labeled Un- American and actually have conservative family members who have not spoken to me since. So how is it now so politically correct to not let our leader even have enough time to make a difference before demonstrating against his policies? People opposed to anything George Bush did were labeled, branded and called horrible things in our own homes…….

As you said, I realized 7 years ago this country was in great trouble and failed to take on George Bush the way we should have and look where it got us. This horrible mess will not be overcome with teabags and ignorance nor blaming a man in office a few months.

Irrational, old, narrow minded white men got us here, and they can demonstrate all they want. That's what I love about my country. I will let you say and think what you want without derision no matter how much you embarrass yourselves. Costume rentals in Austin were almost as good as Halloween.

The South Plainsman said...

SPH, you sent in Code Pink to do the anti war job. LOL

This time, its people who in the past would never have considered going to a protest. And it is not about (just) Obama. Bush and the Republicans are just as complicit as the Democrats.

Most have tried to keep the Tea Parties non-partisan, but some have been hijacked by Republicans and other special interest groups (the AFA in Odessa comes to mind).

If the Tea Party movement becomes partisan, it will lose its soul. And me.

My thought is: a plague on both their houses.

sph said...

SP, those same people now "protesting" have been horribly, verbally abusive of anyone who dared disagree up until their pocketbooks were effected. You included, I would imagine. The irony is being missed, NOW it is ok to say your government is wrong?

Forgive me, SP but I am gonna say to you what I want to say to someone else. I know you have dedicated your life to public service and I respect you tremendously.

I was in Washington DC in 1970 ~ you were appalled at what was happening and that was not partisan. BUT NOW that your pocketbook may be effected, get outa the way, you are suddenly a protester.

You old, conservative men are rank amateurs worried about your CD's interest. I cannot believe anything but the bottom lines with $$$ signs have ANYTHING to do with these “protests”.

If, however, for even a second of the time you spent TEABAGGING was for God and Country, then hallelujah, you are finally walking in my shoes. I will refrain from stifling your right to express yourself and your opinions but by your very participation yesterday you are not allowed to EVER denigrate my right to express myself when I so chose and for whatever cause I chose to support.

Anonymous said...

SPH --Since we,old conservative men,that are narrow minded,and irrational, perhaps you as a younger enlightened one, can explain away the stupidity behind the 'bail-outs' that our young and ever changing new leader not only proposes,but has enacted.
You've been holding your ears to close to the liberal foghorn to see what a down turn the great one has already done to this great country. He has done more harm to the financial situation in America than even some of his most ardent supporters can cope with.
He didn't take long to demonstrate his policies.Your learned associates have just taken too long to wake up and smell the coffee.
In just the few days he has been in office,he and his cronies have trampled all over the Constitution.
I too went to a local TEA party and the fringe section were not all liberals or conservatives. but people who are scared to death of what his highness will come up with next.---Goose

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