Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Sarah Palin whaps teenager

Sarah Palin, a full-grown woman and governor of the State of Alaska, is using her office to launch her frustration with Levi Johnson, father of her grandchild. Seriously, she put out a press release on the government’s stationery tanning the kid’s bottom for talking about his relationship with her daughter. He’s a teenager. Sarah is a governor. Cripes.

Speaking of cripes, Larry Summers is suspect from the moment he walks in the room. He’s President Obama’s chief economic advisor who was paid nearly $8 million last year from hedge funds and financial institutions for giving speeches. Some might argue the guy took a $7.9 million cut in pay to work for the president. Not me. The man has questionable allegiances. I think he leans Wall Street in his solutions and bears watching.

Not a day goes by that I do not marvel at the different ways the left and the right view the same event. My conservative friends view the President’s overseas shtick as the first step in converting the USA into a European satellite. I couldn’t disagree more. I think our president took the first steps toward restoring America’s leadership in the world. We live in an ever-increasing global society and global economy. Get used to it.

Alabama Republican Congressman Mike Rogers knows how to turn a phrase. He said House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is so mean that she is “Tom DeLay in a skirt.” Wasn’t DeLay a Republican?

Personal note: I’ve spent so much time at this keyboard (happily) that I have worn off the “A”and the “E” – sharp observers will note that still leaves the “IOU.” And the significance of that is?


The South Plainsman said...

Larry Summers, along with Rubin, Paulson and Geithner (to name just a few), are among the folks who could have done something to stop this mess, and did not. Not so strangely, they are all former high officials of Goldman Sachs, which is one financial institution that seems to be making out like a bandit these days. Rubin, of course, was also at Citi.

There is an unholy marriage between Wall Street and ALL of our politicians in Washington of both political parties.

I call it "The Golden Rule." Those that have the gold, make the rules.

If we are ever to be safe from this sort of thing, we must do something about the influence of big money in our governance.

Anonymous said...

Right on SP!

Max Fischer said...

sshol is much better with an a at the beginning and e at the end

Anonymous said...

If anything concerning the "trip" by Obama and friends, the whole purpose is to turn the European Union and America into an Obama worldwide culture.
His highness probed every avenue to establish himself as 'world leader'. The only ones that didn't fall for the sordid affair,were Germany and Great Britain.
I won't be too surprised when the liberals are ready to throw in the towel and give up U.S. soveriegnty to the rest of the world
How sad that so many fought and died, so the Libs could give up every thing so precious to this country.
As far as Palin is concerned,I applaud anyone who takes a stand against a little pipsqueak.

Max Fischer said...

Goose, you've offered a medley of anecdotal hyperbole that appears to be hijacked from at least three talk radio clowns I listen to from time to time. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Max- Thanks for the pure hearted comments.
Actually I have not heard of the things I mentioned. Maybe they are finally seeing the light and will listen to me more.__Goose

JohnSBoles said...

Ahhh, but the Obama worldwide culture of which Goose speaks would seem to be closer to Vulcan than Klingon. I'm okay with that possibility. How ridiculous and perhaps sad that anyone could believe this one world stuff.

By the way, I also don't think the Bilderbergers are "controlling" the politics or the economics of the planet.

Anonymous said...

John-- I happen to get my information about the 'ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT' straight from the Bible.I couldn't care less about the Bildebergers or Rockefellers
or Smiths for that matter. The best I can remember,there are no names given except for '666'.
--- Goose

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