Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Tea party -- call to arms?

Quick: what did the international pillow fights over the weekend have in common with the 10,000 young Moldovans who came from nowhere to protest Moldova’s communist leadership?

This is too easy. The Internet, you say. Facebook. Twitter. Social networking. New tools.

But how did they find each other? The speed of the contacts, the wide spread reach of the contacts. Amazing. Beats hell out of the telephone tree from yesteryear.

As mainstream media withers, affinity groups are growing. Like-minded people can search and find each other with just a few clicks of the computer. Like the six degrees of Kevin Bacon, only faster, and world wide.

Fun, you say. Well, certainly the pillow fights were. But the protests in Moldova were aimed at overthrowing a government. What if that had been a democratic government instead of a communist regime? Still fun?

Coming soon to a public street near you – the Great American Tea Party. Events are planned in 360 American communities, maybe more.

It’s going to be big.

I’m tempted to join the fray. I hate the damned stimulus package. Hated it when the Bush team conjured up the three-page document. And hate it more as it flourishes under the Obama administration. I think Washington is more comfortable “taking care of” their rich Wall Street constituents than their poorer cousins up and down Main Street.

But I distrust self-serving people behind the curtain like Rush Limbaugh, Glen Reynolds, Sean Hannity, Michele Bachmann and Sarah Palin. Those flamethrowers are all but calling for armed rebellion with their distortions. And nationwide, many gun stores have sold out of bullets. Coincidence?

I hope the tea parties will be peaceful.


The South Plainsman said...

I agree with you about the Rush Limbaughs, etc.

I have been following this pretty closely, and a lot of it is bi-partisan. Its just people opposed to the bailouts and the huge deficits. I think there is a lot of unity across partisan lines about a lot of it.

As with any grassroots movements, there are those who will try to hijack it for their own purposes.

My daughter went to one of the first ones held in Ft. Worth a few weeks ago. From her report, it was a far different kind of crowd than we usually see protesting.

It is good for the country to have new people getting involved.

I intend to attend my first protest ever at the courthouse Gazebo on April 15.

It should be interesting. Everyone should go. Send both parties a message.

sph said...


The South Plainsman said...

George, Glenn Reynolds is not a political activist, and does not belong in the mix with Rush,Hannity,Glen Beck, Ann Coulter and that bunch.

He is a libertarian, and a conservative news aggregator, and does some commentary, but he is not a rabid partisan like the others.

Other than that, I agree entirely with your post.

As I told you privately, the Internet and its adjuncts may be the most important thing for the promotion of freedom since the printing press.

The Genie is loose, and governments from now on will have great difficulty in suppressing the views of the people. As long as we can avoid mob rule, that is a real plus...for liberals and conservatives.

The guns and ammo are for the just in case.....

George Phenix said...

My mistake. I meant Glen Beck.

And I forgot Ann Coulter. Tsk.

Anonymous said...

Well,it's been awhile,but I think that ,with your permission I'll jump into the fray.
The real problem is not the commentators you dislike so much, but the fact that a whole lot of people who were looking for honest change,are totally disallusioned at the dictatorial leadership that got elected. It doesn't matter whether they are white, black red,or brown, they are feeling the pressure of being forced to accept some rather amazingly idiotic programs,such as the health program.
The mere? fact that the elderly people are being thrown to the lions,by none other than the elderly in the government,Democrats and a few Republicans as well, is not going down like a spoonful of sugar. Why can't Tom Daschele retire to his rocking chair and spit watermelon seed into a tin can?
It is absolutely monsterous (is that a word?)for anyone to suggest that the elderly take the suggestions of some dimwit,and die on demand.
I don't care if Rahm and his chicago stooges, or Pelosi and her petticoat minions,are immune from the fallout,due to their being a member of congress. The people of America will not stand for the nazi like stand on genocide.
If anyone wonders why the death threats against Obama are up 400%,you might take a look at the angered citizens who feel that they have been duped.---Goose

Anonymous said...

The fanal post was not a missive by "Goose". I agreed to refrain from participating from where I am not wanted,therefore the misnomer attribitued to "Goose" is not valid. The real "Goose"

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