Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Teabags -- revolt of the White Guys

Revolt of the White Guys coming to a boat dock near you!

This tea bag thing is really interesting. Multifaceted.

But the movement mixes a major metaphor. Unlike the original Boston Tea Party, the current splash cannot be about taxes or representation. The tax code currently in effect came from the George Bush administration.
You elected them.

Is this a Republican movement? Yes -- but. It is more of a conservative and libertarian movement than just a Republican street dance. After all, the GOP has no real national leaders at current time.

Not unless you count the wing-nut personalities at Fox who are panting in their efforts to get out in front of the movement. Shameless.

Here’s the real deal. It’s the stimulus. TARP. The bailout. AIG. Bear Stearns. Lehman Bros. General Motors. All that stuff. Frankly, I share the anger. But remember, patriots, the bailout is the invention of George Bush and his Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson.

Sad to say, the Obama administration is running down the same rabbit hole. Faster and faster. I’ve said this before – get rid of Geithner and Summers. They are too tainted for the job.

So. On Wednesday we will be treated to a tea party. What happens on Thursday?

In Minneapolis, liberal protesters have met for years on the Lake Street Bridge to sound off about injustice. Eight years alone protesting George Bush. Some reach all the way back to the Vietnam War.

The Lake Street protesters meet every Wednesday. You would be surprised how often it snows on Wednesday. Does the tea party have this kind of staying power?


Jeff Hebert said...

Sadly no one involved in this knows how to use the internet, nor do they speak to anyone under the age of fifty, because teabagging means something very specific to that crowd. And it sure ain't something you want to go marching in favor of unless you happen to be in San Francisco on Gay Pride Day.

Seriously. Worst. Event name. Ever.

Check UrbanDictionary.com if you want the definition, but be warned -- definitely Not Safe For Work. And only read it if you like to blush.

The South Plainsman said...

Well, they call it a tea party after the Boston Tea Party, and it is about taxes and MIS- representation. Taxes that will have to be paid to cover the trillions of dollars, and representatives who represent the big money and not the people. And it is for liberals, too.

The protest is over the way both Bush and Obama have handled the bailouts and created the huge deficits.

They are about the government creating trillions of new obligations for the people to pay off....mostly our children and grandchildren.

There are places where the Republicans and others have tried to hijack the tea parties and others where ACORN and others have tried to discredit them. But they are true grassroots, and most of the people I have talked to consider them non-partisan.

The theme seems to be that our political class has let us down and we should throw them all out.

George, these things are about the anger that you say you share.

You are right that the bailouts, etc., are the invention of Bush and Paulson, but also of Bernanke and Geithner (who was head of the New York Fed and in it from the beginning). You could say that it is the invention of Goldman Sachs, which has been a big beneficiary, and from which came Rubin (Clinton's Sec/Treas), Paulson (Bush's Sec/Treas.) and Geithner (Obama's Sec/Treas). All of those guys and a lot more of the lesser participants are former big wigs of Goldman Sachs.

Most of the people who are trying to organize these things are novices. They are not experienced with protesting. But they are learning. We will see how well they do. But you will have to watch closely because the press is not covering much of them. We have one here tomorrow, and the press has not even acknowledged it so far. But I am going.

George Phenix said...

I’m of two thoughts on this tea party. On the one hand, I am encouraged by the depth of feeling. On the other hand, I am distressed by the manipulation.

This little blog is a microcosm of what I wish America could be. We need to talk less and hear more. We need to listen to our neighbors with differing viewpoint and then try to reach common ground. After all, that common ground is American soil.

Naive? Guilty of adding to the problem? Yes on both counts. Habiit is hard to break and I'm trying.

The South Plainsman said...

George, I suspect that we all are the same about results, but the differences are the ways and means.

And there are reasonable bases for the differences.

That should mean that we can discuss them without anger, and without the kind of tribalism that goes along with political parties.

Unfortunately, often the differences are exagerrated by party loyalty, or by personalities, or for other such reasons, while agreements are subsumed by the same.

For some years, I have thought that both parties have let themselves be hijacked by very narrow interests, and have left the great center of the American polity with very poor choices at every level.

I have also felt that about 98% of what the parties actually do when in power is the same. Perhaps that is what saves us. Or what has got us where we are. There is really very little one or the other can change very quickly.

The Tea Party movement seems to be a protest against that 98%, rather than an objection to Obama. It is at least as great an objection to Bush as it is to Obama.

If it gets hijacked by partisan interests, or special interest groups (AFA, NRA, etc.)then it will lose my support and that of most people I know.

We are protesting against the bailouts, the deficits, and the huge tax burdens that will be placed on future generation.

The South Plainsman said...

Have a friend from Lufkin that just reported to me. The Tea Party group down there scheduled a Tea Party for tomorrow.

The Republicans tried to hijack it, and the folks refused to let them. So the Republicans organized one of their own today, at the only time their Congressman could speak...at 11 AM.

My friend went because he will be out of town tomorrow. Said only older folks were there...everyone has to work, you know.

I have heard of this happening.

Unfortunately, our local bunch is having a Republican RRC member (Williams) speak.

I will go for the first part, then leave. I don't need to hear any more speeches from politicians.

They are the problem, and not likely a part of the solutions.

The South Plainsman said...

PS: Since Williams is black, I guess this is not entirely a revolt of the white guys. LOL

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