Friday, May 22, 2009

Dick Cheney, highlights.

Dick Cheney prefers Rush Limbaugh over Gen. Colin Powell. Repeat:
Dick Cheney prefers Rush Limbaugh over Gen. Colin Powell.



Two wars.

Collapse of the U.S. economy.

Collapse of the Republican Party.

These are just a few of the things that Cheney has brought us.

Remember: Dick Cheney prefers Rush Limbaugh over Gen. Colin Powell.

Dick Cheney is crazy.


Anonymous said...

I proudly proclaim that I like Rush Limbaugh over Colin Powell, I also prefer Rush Limbaugh over Barack Obama, Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi,Harry Reid,Ted Kennedy, and numerous other Liberals who would rather see this country under socialist leadership,than under a constitution that they laughingly chose to protect.
I also prefer just about anyone we graduated with to Al(kill 'em with bad air)Gore.
The liberal mind set of the Dems, has turned many of the voters who voted for Obama against the libs,and deservedly so.
Never before has a President attempted to take control of private industry, and throw outrageous tax packages to the public,telling them that he is going to do it,whether they like it or not. The man is a disgrace to the freedom and character that this country is supposed to be.
If the libs think that all the taxes and FREEBIES are ok,then leet them volunteer to pay everyone elses part.
Obama and his cronies will stop at nothing until they have the people down on their knees beging for relief.
It is somewhat disgusting for the President to spend his time lining up support for stupid programs,rather that trying to see what the inside of the Whitehouse looks like.
You can forget Guantanamo,torture, two wars and the collapse of the U.S Economy.
Even as I write their are more Dems that are against closing Guantanamo than there are supporting it. As far as torture,we have only Nancy Pelosi,who was one of the insiders of treatment of prisoners,to support the theory that anything,including washing their ears out with rough cloths,is too severe for the prisoners.She's for turning them loose so that they can rejoin their old comrades,to kill and maim more American personnel.And have we forgotten that until George Bush I, the Dems had gotten us into all other wars.
And then there is the collapse of the economy. Yes sir lets blame that on George W. After all didn't he want to send out checks to everyone.Didn't he want to take over big business and start taling in bailouts by billions and trillions of dollars. What!! That was Obama! Oh No!not our hero .
Get real!----Goose

Anonymous said...

Is Goose Crazy too?

JohnSBoles said...

Jesse Ventura has it right about torture. We didn't torture Timothy McVey when we thought he might have more co-conspirators. We don't torture gang members to attempt to identify their cohorts. Cheney and his type gave themselves permission to torture those of a different religion and a different skin hue because God was on their side. God help us.

Blog of Ages said...

There are several factions in the Republican Party. Goose (and the likes of Cheney, Newt and Limbaugh) represent the extremist fringe. And they have every right to their beliefs.

But the pursuit of those right wing extremist views is killing the GOP. That’s crazy.

Quick point: In 1984, Ronald Reagan won every state in the Northeastern U.S. Since 1992, Republican presidential candidates have lost every Northeastern state except New Hampshire in 2000.

The extremists don’t seem to get it – they now belong to a shrinking party of angry white Southerners. Rush and Newt and Cheney are the new RNC.

And, yes, that’s crazy. I think the GOP should replace the elephant as their symbol with the lemming.

Don’t get me started on Sarah Palin and Michael Steele.

Anonymous said...

The 'right wing fringe' is not killing the GOP. The guilty party or parties are the ones who have thrown Republican principles aside. (Libs might have to look up 'principle' in the dictionary).
The reference to extremist fringe might well be a badge of honor. The patriots who fought the British for our independence,were also considered a fringe element.
The main point is that just because we were tagged with a party name,doesn't mean we have to hang on every word uttered by the leadership of our 'group' of people. Unlike a lot of liberals, we are not attached to so called leaders apron strings. Most of us refused to take for granted that our professors or bosses told us everything that was true. Most of us had the sense and fortitude to stand up to those that were supposed to be leading us.
Enter Al Gore,who in his infinite
ignorance,who stated that the constitution was a living breathing document,therefore subject to a broad interpretation by anyone who wanted it to mean whatever they needed it to at the time.Now he has an unbelievable following him in the area known as 'global warming'.We are supposed to ignore the words of the worlds top researchers of weather phenomenon when they are telling us that in fact the world is going through a 'cooling cycle'.
Oh well, I guess you can't tell a tiger by its stripes!!
If I am crazy, then so were all the patriots who established this country with the idea that the federal governments role would be somewhat less than the State,s individual roles.--Goose

Blog of Ages said...

When Dick Cheney was asked, "Over 70 percent of Americans disagree with this war, what his your response?"

His response: "So?"

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