Monday, May 11, 2009

Dick Cheney needs surgery

Dick Cheney is long over-due for his gonad surgery. We all know he’s got ‘em. And we all know he thinks with ‘em.

Hang ‘em up, Dick.

Fear lost the election last November. Torture is not the American way. Torture is against our laws and against international laws. (See WWII.)

Cheney’s vigorous defense of water-boarding raises immediate questions:
--why is he the tail-gunner as the Bush administration leaves town?
--is he worried about the possibility of War Crimes charges?

He is attacking everything, anything that approaches his perimeter. Rush Limbaugh over Colin Powell? Seriously? In the same blitzkrieg of weekend interviews, Cheney says it is time for the old guard in the Republican Party to give way to new blood – attacking all the while, defending the beliefs of a rejected political philosophy.

This bears repeating: fear lost the November elections.

Cheney is not Golem. He is Elmer Fudd.


Anonymous said...

Our enemies cut our heads off. Torture?

The place the heads on posts for all to see. Torture?

They hang us from an over pass and then burn us. Torture?

They even skin our men alive. Torture?

They rape our women solders. Torture?

We water board so we torture and they are just mis-understood because of America's greed.


Anonymous said...

you write best when you're angry! gonad surgery. i love it.

and the tail-gunner line. superb.

Blog of Ages said...

I am so sorry that you --or anyone-- has had to endure such horrors.


JohnSBoles said...

To anonymous: I don't think they are "mis-understood because of America's greed". I do think that responding in kind to derranged fanaticism produces only short lived, and misplaced, feelings of accomplishment in some of us. That accomplishment may be nothing more than the enemy recreating us in their image. That is what I reject. If we think ourselves better than they in any way then we have to be better in every way.

Ken Martin said...

As a retired Marine major and Vietnam veteran, I reject completely the remarks of anonymous. A war crime is a war crime whether inflicted by our enemies or by our agents.

I am aghast to read remarks such as these that would encourage, incite and support torture, yet I see these opinions frequently printed as letters to the editor in the local daily.

The Geneva Convention should be applied to prisoners of all stripes, whether they wear a uniform or not. To treat anyone otherwise is to deny our own humanity and defile the ideals for which we are fighting.

The key section of the Geneva Convention that applies is as follows: "Captured combatants and civilians who find themselves under the authority of the adverse party are entitled to respect for their lives, their dignity, their personal rights and their political, religious and other convictions. They must be protected against all acts of violence or reprisal. They are entitled to exchange news with their families and receive aid. They must enjoy basic judicial guarantees." See

Anonymous said...

Add to that list Pete Sessions of this district in Texas....gonads he may have, but no brains. Bill

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