Saturday, May 9, 2009

L. M. Boyd copycat

History, according to Cleopatra’s nose. Ever hear of the theory? Me, neither. According to some, the notion was coined by Pascal's remark in the Pensées : "Cleopatra's nose: if it had been shorter, everything in the world would have changed."

More history. Four hundred years ago, a fan glued together the largest collection of of drawings and writings by Leonardo da Vinci. The collection contains 1,200 pages from the master. In modern times, a facsimile sold in 1973 for about $40,000. And about 12,000 cows were skinned in that effort.

Speaking of slaughter, Australian troops have been told to kill 6,000 kangaroos in an effort to thin the huge herd roaming the army base near Canberra. Expect protests.

Blush wines are gaining favor as a companion for Asian foods. And, as you might expect, French winemakers have mixed feelings about rosé. Most don’t like it. But they sell it. One guy bottles his under the label “Arrogant Frog.” Another blends gewürztraminer (a white) with two reds, merlot and syrah and sells it in Europe as “Ménage à Trois.” Waiter!


Anonymous said...

i heard 3 buck chuck described as "the beer of wine." i favor the white merlot by Morris (avail at joe the traders).

Anonymous said...

Jeeze...what's next Mogen David with a CFS?

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